AT&T gives 5GB bonus to 10GB Mobile Share Value plans, limited time only


AT&T Mobile Share Value plan bonus data

Starting tomorrow, customers on AT&T’s Mobile Share Value plan can look forward to a whopping 5GB bump in their monthly allotment of data. What’s the occasion? Well, it could be the season. That, or AT&T is feeling the heat from rival carriers like Verizon who also recently added extra GBs to shared data pools.

The 5GB bump is only for AT&T’s 10GB plans which runs you around $100 a month plus “device access charges” ($15 extra per month per device). AT&T isn’t stopping there, they’re also throwing in free international texting for those who didn’t have it previously. Keep in mind AT&T’s generosity is only for a limited time, so you may want to switch while the gettins good.

You can find all of AT&T’s Mobile Share Value plans right here.


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  1. Read earlier its not available until tomorrow

    1. The 18th.

  2. Im already on the 10gig plan, is this automatic or do I need to call in and request it?

    1. Have to login tomorrow and choose the 15gb plan.

    2. Bruh, I’m calling just to be on the safe side lol

      1. Bruh, I just called and made my changed and thought about hitting you up, after talking to the rep. She said either you go online and make the change or call in and make the change because it wasn’t automatic

        1. Just did it on their site, went to change plan, and it brought me right to this promotion.

      2. “Bruh”? Ghetto person alert!

        1. You talking about me, …. Ya know what, get a life and couple friends, maybe even some vagina or penis whatever you prefer, and maybe you be so miserable….. Hows that for ghetto

    3. But Sprint and T-Mobile offers more data, Sprint offers 20GB ……………………. telecomvibe[dot]com

      1. Quality over quantity, AT&T > Sprint

      2. I can offer you 1 million gigs, but just like Sprint, I dont actually have any towers.

        1. This post made my day. Jajajaja.

    4. Log into your account and go to change your plan and it will pop up with the new 15 gig plan.

  3. Went up to 30 since I got my nvidia shield tablet going back down didn’t need the extra 20gb but the extra 5 will do and save about 30 bucks from the plan

  4. Thanks for the heads up just changed my 10 gig plan to the 15 gig.

  5. Not a good deal to everyone, i use like 40gb a month on sprint network. What can i do with 15gb a month? For me the answer is almost noting.

    1. What on earth do you do that uses 40 gig a month???

      1. Playing music from pandora, spotfy, youtube, web browser, utorrent, hotspot to 4 diferent android devices and pc.

        1. Exactly! It’s called USING your smartphone! Don’t let anyone criticize you for using what you pay for. I’m glad I’m on T-Mobile!

          1. Thouse 15gb from At&t it will be useless to me, i’m glad i have good service from Sprint in my area.

  6. I love that ad… 10,000 emails! so many emails such a great deal woohooo!
    100 mobile apps holy smoke!
    30 hours of video! wow I get to watch like 300 of those 2 minute lolcat videos on youtube!

    I know, sarcasm. :)
    15 gigs for the price of 10… I will take it because it’s what I can get.

  7. Be warned, it’s not necessarily the same price. I have 4 phones and an iPad Air 2 on my account, and it was going to charge me an additional $5/mo to change to the 15GB one. The phones stayed the same, but the iPad charge would raise from $10/mo to $15/mo

    1. Thanks for the info Jeff, just checked and nothing changed for me but others that have iPads or tablets need to beware!

  8. +1 Thanks just changed my plan.

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