Nov 12th, 2014

music key

Way back in August was the last time we wrote about the rumored “YouTube Music Key” subscription service. Today Google has finally made it official. So now that it’s here, what is it? Why does it exist alongside Google Play Music All Access? Let’s take a look at what Music Key has to offer.

Right now Music Key costs $7.99 per month, but it will eventually go up to $9.99. With that subscription you get ad-free music, background play, and offline viewing of all the music you can find on YouTube. The subscription also gives you access to Google Play Music All Access, and current subscribers will automatically get Music Key. Pretty sweet deal for everyone.

A new Music tab will be rolling out to the YouTube app for Android, iOS, and on the web in the next few days. Google is launching YouTube Music Key as a beta with their “biggest music fans first.” Later they will bring YouTube Music Key to the whole world, but a specific timeline was not given. You can sign up right here to be included in the beta.

What do you think of YouTube Music Key? Will you be signing up?