Samsung Galaxy S4 Smart Scroll

Samsung Galaxy S4 shown off running Android Lollipop

If you’re a Nexus user you’re wondering when you will get Android Lollipop, but if you don’t have a Nexus device you have even more questions. When will you get Lollipop, and when you get it what will it look like? Last week we feasted our eyes on the TouchWiz-ification of Lollipop on the Samsung Galaxy S5, and now we can check it out again on the S4.

The build we’re looking at is LRX02E, compliments of SamMobile. It looks a lot like what we saw running on the Galaxy S5. We get to see the new Lollipop lock screen notifications, refreshed Samsung apps, and more. Once again it looks very nice. This is still not the final version we will see sent out to devices. Google dropped a more recent version of Lollipop code a few days ago.

What are your thoughts on TouchWiz Lollipop? Has Samsung done a good job, or do you still hate TouchWiz?