It’s never too early for Galaxy Note 5 rumors, will reportedly come equipped with 4K display


Samsugn Galaxy Note 4 concept

A beautiful Samsung Galaxy Note 4 concept (in other words, this is not the Note 5)

We’re fresh off the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (check out our in depth review here) and not even a full month after its release, we’re already hearing rumors about next year’s Samsung Galaxy Note 5. We’ve said it before in reference to the Android hardware: things move fast around here.

The folks at PhoneArena have, what they believe is a solid tip that next year’s Note 5 will carry a 5.9-inch UHD 4K (2,160 x 3,840) resolution AMOLED display. The display panels, which Samsung seems to have confirmed last November in their own roadmap, will go into production by August. This will, in theory, give Samsung more than enough time to slap them on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 before it launches towards the end of the year.

Throwing around some numbers, a 5.9-inch display with a resolution of 2,160 x 3,840 would return close to 746ppi. While 2K displays are plenty sharp enough for devices like phablets (tablets, that’s another story), we can’t help but feel this would be more than overkill on anything smaller than 10-inch tablet. We suppose Samsung’s motivation for breaking hardware records could have more to do with rival OEM LG talking about 600 and 700ppi mobile displays back in May. Competition is fierce.

Meanwhile, I’m just sitting here watching movies on my 1080p television like an animal.

Concept images: My Gadgetic

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  1. If they made a Galaxy S6 with those wood backs+a cleaner TW UI, they can have all my money.

    1. Seems like everyone in the world knows how to build a better looking smartphone than Samsung. Crossing my fingers they nail it with the Galaxy S6.

      1. The engineers @ SAMSUNG should take a field trip to OPPO’s manufacturing/engineering facilities.

        Nothing I’ve owned comes close to their quality/fit/finish feel-in-hand,including SAMSUNG’s latest,the NOTE 4.

        1. Oppo just made a 4.85mm thin phone.

  2. Lol your tone and writing style bro. Keep it coming. Lol

    1. He’s not your bro, dude.

      1. He ain’t your guy, pal.

        1. Relax, sport.

        2. He ain’t your pal, buddy.

  3. ^^supposed to say “love your tone and…”

  4. I like Lg’s new form factors. The G3 and G Flex have me baulking at the Nexus 6, which I’ve been waiting for all year. I just can’t pull the trigger with all these G Flex 2 rumors. LG is really onto something.

  5. Seriously? Who looks at a QHD display with 515 ppi and goes, “this resolution isn’t high enough”?

    Would someone please think of the battery?

    1. Something along these lines came to mind for me as well.


    2. I think people reacted similar when going to 720P display lol

      1. 720p on a 4.5-4.7 inch display looks great, the only reason they moved towards 1080p was because of the increase in screen size for smartphones. Now its getting out of hand. Lg and Samsung are just having a pissing contest.

    3. Those who will use it in the next version of the Gear VR. You can still see a grid at 1080P and 2K.

      1. We should be using retinal scanning lasers (infinite resolution) instead of display panels anyway.

        1. I agree I am not sure about infite resolution though. I am sure that the Virtual Boy used a similar tech with Mirriors and an red LED and there was still a resolution.

  6. I’m usually not a fan of the gimmicky materials for phone backs, but those wooden backs look damn good on that phone. Now reduce that res back to 1080p…

    1. I’m not a fan of the overly used word “gimmicky”!

  7. When I use a smartphone, I only interact with the front screen. The back of the phone has absolutely no importance.

  8. The 5.9 inch display sounds nice but im not getting it if it comes with a 4k display, the snap 810 is going to take a beating and performance is going to suffer.

  9. The watching TV like an animal comment made me spit my drink laughing. I just wasn’t expecting that in a tech article.

  10. Ever notice fan renders are better looking than the actual Sammy products? Sammy should hire fans to design phones because their current team sucks.

    1. Unlike fan-renders, the design team would be limited by manufacturing/technical capabilities and cost restraints. I doubt anyone on Samsung’s design team ever wanted a plastic back for aesthetics, but they didn’t do a bad job on the Note 4 considering.

  11. While my 2k display on the note 4 looks phenomenal I would pass on a 4k. Unless they can improve battery life significantly. The battery on the note 4 is Better than the note 3 but not worth the extra drainage of a 4k screen

    1. Battery life on both devices is more or less the same so they’ve done a decent job on the Note 4.
      But It could have been better with a 1080p display of course.

  12. The only use that kind of resolution would be good for is VR. Hopefully Oculus will also be using that panel.

  13. Nexus 5? Didn’t that already come out next year? Ha!! You guys are so far behind!! I’m already thinking about what the Note 6 would possibly have.

  14. Unless they provide a huge increase in GPU performance to make up for this a 4K display on a 5.9″ screen will be a complete waste of time.
    Based on the recent Exynos updates, I just don’t see where the performance is coming from, unless they’ve made a deal with nvidia to use there new maxwell GPU. (which would be awesome btw)

    1. You don’t need powerful GPU for 4K for normal usage. You might only need that if you are gaming (assuming that the games run on native resolution on these phones which I highly doubt)

      1. Well that may be true it’s not really the point, these are meant to be flagship devices and as such should perform like them in all areas.

        Also games are being rendered at 1440p so there is no reason to assume they won’t at 4K either.

        Some users said the same about 1440p, they were wrong.

  15. “Meanwhile, I’m just sitting here watching movies on my 1080p television like an animal.”

    Many lols were had :)

  16. the design in the pic looks like a checkbook cover. smh!

  17. Why? Why is this necessary right now? If they put their heads together and made a battery that lasts more than 12 hours, that’d be time better spent.

  18. While the battery drain of a 4K display is a valid concern, a more important problem that other commenters aren’t addressing is the ability of the hardware to push that many pixels. The Note 4 is slow as it is and underperforms pretty much every other modern phone, even iPhones with inferior hardware. If they are having trouble managing their current resolution, then they definitely won’t be able to handle that drastic of an increase in screen capacity even with a year to improve the underlying technology.

    1. ^^^ This. So much this.

      Also, this is one area where Apple really gets it right. I feel like it’s an arms race with the Android OEMs to make the most absurdly specced out phones imaginable, and it’s geek candy and it seems to be working. But you can say this about iPhones: they don’t go nuts with the specs (even though I’m sure they have huge R&D budgets and the ability to do so) but it’s not their strategy. The iPhone 6 doesn’t even have a 1080p display — but it’s a gorgeous display and you don’t notice, at all.

      The bottom line is: each generation you get predictable performance and even though an Apple A8 may not be quite as fast as a Snapdragon 805 on one single [arbitrary] benchmark, you don’t notice when you’re using the device. The iPhones FLY. You’ll never see a 4K screen in an iPhone, and Samsung is silly for even thinking about doing so.

      1. Also there’s no good comparison currently of a Snapdragon 805 vs an Apple A8 — so here’s an old one on A7 vs S800. I wouldn’t say that Apple A-series chips are “inferior” in any way:



      2. Can’t agree more. As a mobile game developer, I can’t stress enough how frustrating it is to deal with the many different resolutions of Android. Saying your phone has QHD or 4K is great for bragging to your friends but at the end of the day, the VRAM and CPU in these phones are no where near good enough to support these resolutions with good performance.

        Not to mention, it makes it hard for developers to have to make games and apps that look the same on all hardware. If your eyes can’t see a difference, there is no reason for it. The resolution war is pointless and in the end it will only hurt Android as far as app support.

  19. Galaxy Note 5 rumors seems early bird but it seems damn interesting. I mean 4 GB RAM, 4K screen, 5.9″ screen and much more.

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