Nexus 6 heads to 12 new countries via Google Play, still can’t pre-order it (yet)


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Google (and Motorola) have a hard enough time keeping up with demand for the Nexus 6 here in the states, so we’re hoping opening up availability to 12 new countries wont further hurt our chances picking one up. But soon, the Nexus 6 will be available for sale in Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. We say “soon” because the phone hasn’t officially launched anywhere yet and even when it comes to pre-orders, the Nexus 6 is still listed as “coming soon” in the 12 new regions.

Google says the Nexus 6 will be hitting carriers like AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and US Cellular later this month. If we had to guess, that’s where the majority of their stock is going, considering not too much people have the money to throw down on a $650 smartphone.


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  1. I guess USA is done, moving on…

  2. “If we had to guess, that’s where the majority of their stock is going, considering not too much people have the money to throw down on a $650 smartphone”…I guess Indians are richer!!!

    1. I have money, but I refuse to pay this much. It’s a phone for God sakes! What’s the point? Carriers is the only way to go, but again, I’m done with overpaying for phones through my contract charges.

      1. The technology in phones is too new and advanced for what we really need. I feel that’s why they’re high like that.

        You can get a cheap phone for like $100 and it comes with tech that was like 3 years ago. They run great too. Or you can get a phone that has hours of research put into it that has the latest tech. You’ll be paying a higher cost, though.

        You choose your destiny.

  3. How are they going to supply 13 country when they’re having problems with one.Or are they just playing with us?

    1. Well with that price, I’m sure it’ll be less demand.

    2. I don’t suppose that they intend to supply the other countries by “taking out” of the stock planned for USA. Supplying these countries won’t further damage current stock availability in the USA. It won’t help of course because if the stock assigned to other countries would be assigned to USA stock, surely it would be less difficult for you guys to get one as soon as possible. But hey… You are not alone in the world ☺ We want to enjoy that Nexus goodness too. And preferably not after 6 months or so.

      1. You will have plenty as in Australia the 64Gig version is nearly $940 plus delivery so you guys can have mine i’ll wait for a better offer.

  4. When are they going to send out [strike]gmail[/strike] Nexus 6 invites?

  5. What other Android phones are scheduled for release in this last quarter beside the Note 4…?
    Has Comscore reported 3 qtr mobile numbers for Sales, OS%, etc…?

  6. Woohoo! finally know the pricing here in Belgium. €649.00 for 32Gb and €699.00 for 64Gb. That’s 804.48 and 866.46 US dollars respectively. Not much to WOOHOO about, but hey, at least now we know. The latest tech is always more expensive here. For comparison, the Galaxy S5 16Gb is listed at €599.99, or 743.57 uS dollars. And the Note 4 64Gb is at €749.99 or 929.32 US dollars.

    1. Sucks 2buy tech in EU.

  7. 799$ here is canada for the 64gb…… plus taxes we are looking at 920$ OUCH!!! no thanks! maybe ill just do one plus one. not much difference in specs really for double the price.

  8. Motorola seems to have etas at 11/19 for delivery where as Google had SHIP dates of 11/21 & 11/26 smh. I hope Google shows these dates to throw us off of the release date.

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