Nexus 9 “Volantis” factory image is now live, still no word on other Nexuses



It probably isn’t the “Droids” you were looking for, but Google has now officially posted the factory images for the Nexus 9. Build version LRX21L is only for the HTC “volantis” (Nexus 9), so unless you were one of the few to run out and grab the device yesterday it probably wont do you a lick of good. Here’s to hoping factory images for the Nexus 5, Nexus 7, and others are soon on their way.

Nexus 9 Factory image

[Google Developers]

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  1. I like what google did with the nexus 9 and 6 and android 5.0, but personally I think google botched up on how it’s being released. Should have released all the images of the older devices right when the pre-order foe the new devices started.

  2. It’s kind of, sot of, almost, happening.gif!

    1. Not until the 12th

      1. That’s what I was told two nights ago. Thanks sources! Also, Lollipop for Android Wear is going to be a long ways off.

  3. Nexuses??? I thougth we already determined it was Nexi.

    1. Actually, I’ve read somewhere that the plural for Nexus is still Nexus. Something to do with the Latin language and whatnot…

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