Google Play Games also receiving a Material Design makeover


Google Play Games Material Design update

“Update Wednesday” is certainly living up to its name and hot off the Google Play Store is a new update to Google Play Games (we’re sure many more are incoming). The new update brings, what else, but a fresh new Material Design makeover to the app, keeping everything inline with Android 5.0 Lollipop’s clean new UI.

If you guys don’t feel like waiting for the update to hit your Play Store, you can always sideload (install) the app here: Google Play Games 2.1.17

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  1. Different sized search icons, different hamburger menu styles, and different side navigation. As much as I love Material Design, it’s not turning out to be the unified look it should be quite yet. -_-

  2. Soo much greeeen!
    Ugh!.. :(

  3. I’d really like Google to offer a List View in all their apps. It’s incredible how much space is wasted with these massive squares. How is it that Twitter shows me 7 posts in the same space where G+ (and the play store) shows me 1.5?

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