The Snapdragon 805 equipped Galaxy S5 Plus quietly appears on Samsung Netherlands site


Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus Netherlands 1

After a beefier, Snapdragon 805 equipped Samsung Galaxy S5 made its way to Korea and then Singapore, it seems Samsung is finally ready to bring the souped up Galaxy to even more markets. The phone — know as the Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus — now has its own landing page on Samsung Netherlands’ site.

Visually, not any different from the standard Galaxy S5 model we have here in the states, the S5 Plus merely packs a much more powerful 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 chipset, a slightly lower clock speed than the 2.7GHz one found inside the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. No matter. We’re sure performance will be indistinguishable in either device.

The Snapdragon 805 doesn’t just make the phone run faster, but allows it to hit LTE speeds of up to 225Mbps (that’s much faster than my home internet). Aside from colors, not much else was made known without a formal press release or mention from Samsung (yet). Now that the Galaxy S5 is making its way through Europe, could the US be far behind?


[Samsung Netherlands | via Galaxy Club]

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  1. Oh boy, not this again. As a previous S5 owner, I probably will skip out on this device as my G3 is a better experience. I went through 5 S5’s. Until they can get rid of the stupid flap and make the device stop having standby battery life issues, I won’t buy it.

    1. 5 S5s? Geez! Theres obviously a purpose to the flap..and you could have removed it if you didn’t care to lose the water resistance.

      1. No, the flap is just one thing. It’s just poorly constructed and they want a quick out of a warranty or get money for “repairing” it. I had numerous issues with battery standby life, screen glitches, overheating, lag, and heavy RAM usage. Not a fan of the S5. If the S6 is good, I will have to wait for reviews. I rather get the Note line than the S line.

        1. I know you’re probably telling the truth. But come on dude, 5 S5s and no good results? I feel like you’re exaggerating a lot.

        2. I’m on my first s5 and love it. I’m not sure what you mean by poorly constructed but it doesn’t fall apart and feels solid to me. If you don’t like plastic that’s a personal preference. As far as overheating, battery standby issues, screen glitches I’ve never had any of that happen once. I just rooted mine last week but Ive had it since it released and no problems before or after the root.

          1. Poorly constructed means the flap breaks too easily. It’s a common complaint.

  2. Really Samsung? -_- S5 Plus ?

    Samsung has so much potential but they just can’t make it happen :(

  3. I hope it has a 1080p screen to maximize that 805’s potential.

    1. It does, so this is currently the fastest Android smartphone on the market.

      Well done Samsung.

  4. I love Seinfeld, I love that bit and I love living in Holland, The Netherlands, country of the Dutch!

  5. I want a Snapdragon 810 equipped Galaxy S6!!!

  6. Dam…..I don’t rock with Samsung, but for them to release a S5 plus now, only confirms they will be using some form of 64bit cpu next year in their S6 which means other OEMs surely will too in the first or second quarter ….. Because if not, then releasing this plus variant is just stupid….

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