Oct 14th, 2014

Google Glass Notification Sync

During Google I/O, Google promised some kinda of Android Wear-like functionality would also be headed to their geeky, somewhat more controversial wearable, Google Glass. As Glass Explorers ourselves, we were excited at the prospect of receiving all our phone’s notifications on our headsets — not just specific Google Glass compatible Glassware (apps).

Today, the Glass team is announcing a new update headed out this week that brings “Notification Sync” to Google Glass headsets. Like Android Wear, notifications will now be displayed directly on your Google Glass headset, with very little setup required. In fact, all you need to do is update to the newest version of the MyGlass companion app for Android or iOS (launching tomorrow), and you’ll have all your smartphone notifications delivered to your face.

For a video of how to set everything up, and to see Notification Sync in action, check out the video below.