Motorola DROID Turbo ‘accidentally’ tweeted by Verizon, is quickly removed


Motorola Droid Turbo thumb wm

There you have it. Our first official picture of the Motorola Droid Turbo as tweeted by Verizon’s official @DroidLanding account. But not so fast, it seems the image may have been posted prematurely, as it was quickly removed only moments later. Figures, we thought it a little odd that it wasn’t accompanied by any text or build up whatsoever. Pretty anticlimactic if you ask us.

Still, the fact that Verizon did tweet out the image tells us that an official announcement soon approacheth, so we’ll keep a watch out. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out the shot of the front of the device as revealed in the device’s leaked user manual.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Sexy sexy but good luck streaming that 2K video without unlimited

    1. Or expanding it to hold all the stuff we put into our phones (OS needs, apps, media, downloads, photos, backups, etc.) these days with no MicroSD slot.

      1. Meenova micro SD card reader. Works on the Nexus 7 as well and can be carried on a keychain.

        1. I don’t do keychains. I don’t live a life where i have to carry around items to baby other items. We can send a ship to Mars, they cannot put a friggen SD card into their phone in 2014??? What a joke.

          I don’t care if you don’t use it or need it or the next guy, but I have proven, even on 32gb phones, you can eat their storage pretty easy and there is just no reason to deal with that.

          Have you seen the issues with Apple right now and their new IOs8? Peopled cannot install it. Why? Because the phone needs at least 5gb of free mem to download and unpack and install. Is there expanded card support, no? So now, a TON of iPhones will never be upgraded to IOs8 because… not even storage.

          Expandable storage and the dropping of the need to babysit your phones storage amount is a most basic, basic need anymore.

          1. cry more

          2. Crying? No. Just pointing out a weakness in the device. Pretty much what these comments are about. Commenting. And my comment is, it is a huge weakness of this phone.

          3. boo hoo

          4. Ok I get it.. trolling with no points to make, valuable comments to add, useful opinions to put out there just troll la la away.

          5. troll la la? this fuckin guy. what do you want me to do? convince you that your opinion on phones is wrong and mine is right? I looked at your comments and you sound an idiot. I have a 64gb sd card and have 58gb free. not everyone downloads every shitty free app.

          6. everyday user does not root, rom there phone and make backups for it… as proven with the iPhones many Americans DO NOT need a micro SD card.

          7. except for the part where its not a need at all.

          8. By you maybe. And like I said, and you and others just gloss over and do not address facts like.. removable batteries.. not needed. 3200MHz batteries.. not needed. Scratch proof glass… not needed. On screen buttons.. not needed. LED notification lights… not needed. Dust and H20 proof.. not needed. Speakers… not needed. NFC.. not needed. Wireless charging.. not needed.

            Get it? Or are you going to keep saying that those things are needed and somehow expanding your phones memory is still just not needed. Come on people, be circumspect about the products.

          9. Please point to the part where I said any of that stuff was needed. Oh that’s right, I didn’t, but you just want to gloss over that fact. If you really think I did say that stuff was needed, you might want to consider taking your meds.
            Get it? Or do you need to have your prescription refilled?

            btw, that is the worse use of the word circumspect I’ve ever seen. I’m guessing it was on your word of the day calendar today so you had to use it.

      2. What do you put on a phone that takes up so much memory?

        1. I just laid it out.

          But again: OS takes up mem – lots, photos, videos, I root and ROM and make backups and backups take mem, calendar storage, text message storage, downloaded media of all kinds, ringtones, custom icons, apps on top of apps and more apps, and some apps take even more storage based on what they are and do, do I need to go on? It is not that any 1 thing takes up “so much memory” it is that when you add it up, it eats the memory. you can eat through a 32gb phone SO fast. And with no expandable memory to save these items to, you have to babysit you phone, clean it off, off load content, watch how many apps, cannot move apps to SD, etc. Come on, please.

          It is 2014, ZERO reason to not make ALL phones have expandable storage. Period. No excuse. Hundreds of phones do it and do it fine. Why not here? There will always be a korny person asking this kind of question, but one could then also ask: why do you even need 2 gb ram, why a scratch proof glass, why speakers or a dedicated camera button, why on screen keys, why why why.. Why? Because SD card ability is so basic, as basic as any of those “needs”

          1. I do all that stuff too, on my 16gb tablet and phone and still have 3gb available. SD cards are unreliable and insecure. I’ll trust Google’s expertise over yours. Sorry.

          2. I may not use sd cards but I understand his point, Also google isn’t perfect. sd cards seems more like a pride thing with Microsoft

          3. On a 32gb phone I use now, I have only 5gb of space left and that was after doing some forced cleaning of removing apps, media, backups, ROMS. I moved them all on to a 64gb card on my phone so I still have the stuff on my phone where I want it and can access it any time anywhere in the world.

            It is just illogical that people would find expandable memory something worth debating about as not valuable. There is NO downside to it and so many upsides.

          4. My expertise? So, how and why do Samsung, Moto, HTC, Sony, etc, ALL have phones with expandable memory? That is not my expertise talking, they do the very thing you are clowning me for wanting. Just not here. It is illogical. Why?

          5. If you think I’m clowning you, you must get your feelings hurt a lot in life.

          6. Nope… just a term to make a point. But it is funny how one takes the time to try to make points, and then those worthy points get derailed with nonsense comments that answer, add and address nothing.

          7. Hopefully they come out with a 64gb version.

          8. I can think of a huge reason…monies

          9. Honestly i put a lot of crap on my phone…and 32gig is just fine for me…i dont see why people need 128 gigs of sh*t on their damn cell phones jesus i mean go watch a hd movie on your tv or get a tablet for on the go…you def dont need 128gigs of stuff on you at all time

          10. If you root your phone, install and make recovery backups those alone can be hogs.

            Either way, it is amazing others are deciding for others how much I do or don’t need to be carrying on my phone.

            Here is an idea.. put a friggen SD card on it and let ME decide what I do and don’t want to carry.

  2. Looks nice! Love the red, perfect for caps season!

    1. You mean it looks gr8?
      Holtby, Ovi, and Green are on my fantasy team…go Caps! :D

      1. Rock the Red!

  3. “Pretty anticlimactic if you ask us.” — I don’t know but I swear I heard someone shouting “Oh God, Oh God!”

  4. accidentally = purposefully

  5. …so an ugly red moto x 2014 edition with Verizon patent tramp stamp?

    1. lol stop it…if you wanna hate on something for no reason at least be smart about it

      1. how is an opinion hate, you jack ass? is it not as I describe minus the opinion that I stated? you clearly took offense to something that you clearly find appealing.

        1. its actually nothing like you describe…jackass

          1. So it doesn’t look (shape, curvature, dual flash in crusted ring, minus the metal frame) like the 2014 moto x? If it isn’t as nowhere as near as I just described it then I must be delusional or you’re quick to ride to the aid of someone as an act of heroism bought about as some form of abuse to you as a child, you idiot.

          2. Its rectangular, but that’s as similar to the Moto X’s shape as it is. And if that’s your criteria then every phone is exactly alike. Oh, but it has a curve…I guess its really the Moto One M8 then by your logic(well as much as someone as stupid as you can be said to have logic) It has dual flash, but there’s no ring, the flashes are just on either side of the lens. Go ahead…look again…you clearly aren’t smart so have someone actually point it out to you and explain in really small words. And I don’t care anything about being a hero. Don’t wanna be, never have never will. I just can’t stand stupid, ignorant jackasses…and you fit that description perfectly.

  6. what happened to the dark knight rises Kevlar?

  7. Moving forward, all articles MUST include the word “approacheth”.

  8. BTW, they did it on purpose..

  9. It’s red. I like red. :p

  10. I really hope that FCC document of a possible AT&T model comes to fruition.

  11. I wish if you blogs would stop using the phrase “accidentally”. The manufacturers don’t do anything “accidentally”; it’s all rather deliberate, excellent marketing.

    We now have “a new thing” to talk about; thanks.

  12. Such a nice looking phone…looks really thin to house that gigantic battery in that photo…i dunno if its the angle or what

  13. no speaker on the back btw

    1. Yeah, previous leak showed it on the front where the earpiece is.

  14. They win the holidays.

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