Sep 18th, 2014

oneplus bamboo

It’s time for more OnePlus drama.

More people are getting their hands on the OnePlus One, but they won’t be able to use one promised feature. After months and months of teasing bamboo, silk white, and sandstone black swappable back covers, OnePlus is pulling the plug. The reason? “Technical difficulties.” They say they didn’t settle, but had to arrive at a “complicated decision.”

OnePlus may not have settled, but their users sure did.

These swappable back covers were a promised feature during the OnePlus One hypetrain. But now they are saying the covers suffered from creaks and and loosening during testing. The good news is a small number of bamboo cases passed the testing, and they will be made available in the OnePlus online store. They are also talking about making special kevlar or denim versions of the OnePlus One. So instead of buying a cool accessory to change the look of your phone, as promised, you can buy a new phone altogether.

What are your thoughts on OnePlus’ latest fiasco?

[via OnePlus]


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