Microsoft creates a great keyboard for Android devices


Universal Keyboard

Microsoft and Google are not the best of friends, but Microsoft has shown willingness to play nice with Google’s OS. Several of their services are available as Android apps, and now they’ve created a very nice-looking Bluetooth keyboard. They call it the Universal Mobile Keyboard, and it can work with almost any device you own with just the flip of a switch.

The headlining feature is a tiny switch in the upper right corner of the keyboard. You can switch it to Windows, Android, or iPhone/iPad. This allows you take advantage of special function keys on every device. Some of those keys include Home, Search, volume keys, lock, and play/pause. The other cool feature of this keyboard is the integrated tablet stand/case. You can easily set any size tablet on the stand and use it like a laptop. When the stand isn’t being used it can be closed to protect the keyboard.

The keyboard lasts 6-months on one charge, and can be recharged for a full day of use in just 10 minutes. Microsoft will be selling the Universal Mobile Keyboard in October for $79.95 in black and white.. What do you think about this keyboard? Will you be buying it for your Android tablet?

Universal Keyboard 3 Universal Keyboard 2

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. Now when will Google bring some products to WP. That’s the only way the platform will help grow.

    1. Why bother? Those users have a strong suite of first party apps, why waste engineers to do that?

      1. Office only comes as trial versions. Unless they’re offering it for free with a purchase. I’ve never heard of that unless it was stated that it would be a fully activated version of Office.

    2. I’ve been saying this for a while… if Google brings their software suite over to Windows, I’ll dump my iPad in the blink of an eye.

    3. Why would Google want to grow WP?

    4. Because Windows Phone was and will always be a failure.

      1. Much like yourself.

  2. Need a size comparison.

    1. That’s what she sai..

      I agree tho as it seems cumbersome for phones, it’ll make you get a phablet.

  3. Probably not, if doesn’t have Bluetooth 4.0. We need a good Bluetooth 4.0 keyboard.

    1. What would Bluetooth 4.0 offer a keyboard that earlier versions of Bluetooth wouldn’t? If you’re thinking of low energy mode, this thing gets 6 months on a charge already.

      1. I’m thinking of the benefit to the device your using it with, as well. I don’t care about the accessories battery life as much, though it would benefit the device also. That 6 month promise I’m not so sure about, maybe at 15 minutes a day.

        1. That’s what I was wondering. Like is that 6 months straight? Or just average usage of turning it on and off. Like phones get 20+ hours of usage, yet that’s just sending a text message every 20 minutes. LoL!!

          1. Keyboards need very little power, so I can believe 6 months.

  4. That keyboard looks sharp. It’s a bit on the expensive side but it seems to be a quality product, hopefully we can get some reviews soon.

  5. Wow! 6 months on a single charge? Impressive. I might just have to pick one of these up sometime.

    1. I fell like that has to be just standby time or something, that sounds too ridiculous.

  6. Hmmm….now I know what I might spend my remaining $48 on my Microsoft Store giftcard on. This looks like it might be a nice little keyboard.

  7. Nokia Nexus device confirmed.

    1. You mean Lumia has been axed..

      1. Ha, yeah, maybe. Something like that.

  8. Looks better than the keyboard that was leaked for the Nexus, thats for sure.

    1. you sir, are correct.

  9. I have an older Logitec keyboard that was designed for the original Galaxy Tab 10.1. Works fine, supports the tablet similarly, and cost me about $15 a couple of years ago. $80 is hard to swallow unless you have a need to use one keyboard for multiple brands of devices.

  10. This is pretty nice. Not sure I’ll pay the $80, since I have a lot of BT keyboards, but definitely one to keep an eye out on for sales. Considering the typical price of some BT keyboards, this one would be a no brainer at $50, which is the typical sale price for all the name brand BT keyboards.

    1. It’s nice that it’ll fit my tablet, but at that price I’d look for one that has a track pad attached.

      1. Good point…I guess I never really thought about a trackpad coming in handy for my Note 8, but your mentioning makes me realize why I don’t use my keyboards as often. No trackpad makes me just want to pick the tablet up, to use it.

  11. I love that battery life but that seems like a pretty steep price.

  12. Looks like the new Xbox One controller has a BT and USB version coming out as well that might work with Android. The old 360 usb version works so there’s at least a chance.

  13. Of course the irony is that due to the lack of trackpad or cursor support on iOS and Android, no one would contemplate using those on a Windows tablet.

    1. Android has built in mouse support. What are you referring to? The Asus Transformer used a TrackPad.

      1. Don’t mind him. He’s just Windows troll.

      2. Really? So can you plug in USB mouse to Android, or Bluetooth mouse? If so then I didn’t know that. Do the Google Docs apps support mouse and cursor control?

        1. Yea they do, for usb you need a phone that supports usb-OTG(on the go), and a micro usb to full size usb otg adapter. Bluetooth you just need a bluetooth mouse that runs on standard bluetooth(doesn’t include it’s own separate dongle).

          1. Sorry. To clarify. Is that any Android tablet, or just the Asus transformer?
            And does Google docs support cursor controls.
            Apologies for seeming pedantic.

          2. That is any android device, android phones and tablets, since at least android 2.0+ (remember the original droid had a d-pad and the nexus 1 had a trackball). USB OTG is on most 4.0+ devices, but it does have to be implemented by the device manufacturer. Yes google docs supports cursor controls, all of android supports cursor control.

        2. Yes, you can in fact plug a usb mouse into an android phone/tablet via USB OTG adapter. never tried bluetooth, but I imagine that would work as well.

  14. Micro$oft is no fool it knows where the money is, Android.

  15. I never have found the need for a keyboard on an android tablet. But thats just me

  16. Works fine, supports the tablet similarly, and cost me about $15 a couple of years ago.

  17. Problem some device’s charge from the bottom. No touch pad shown.

  18. Is this April Fool’s Day?

  19. My “Wireless 2000” Combo works great with the Galaxy Tab 7.7, just move the transmitter from the Desktop to the tablet. Easy, and no bluetooth needed. Cheaper, too.

  20. I would consider using this to replace my wired keyboard on my desktop PC. I use a pencil to type because of my disability so a more compact keyboard would be nice. I don’t use the number pad on my current keyboard so that wouldn’t be missed. The missing F keys might be a problem on those rare occasions when I need to boot into BIOS or something. Being able to use it with my Android tablet would be nice as well.

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