The ‘world’s most connected man’ is helping us reevaluate our obsession with gadgets [VIDEO]


Chris Dancy

As we sit and obsess over the next great gadget or connected devices hitting the scene — Google Glass, smartwatches, WiFi powered thermostats, Bluetooth door locks — sometimes we have to take a step back and reorganize our priorities. As someone who owns both Google Glass and an Android Wear smartwatch, there was this almost embarrassing moment where I stepped out the house wearing both. Not that there would be anything inherently wrong in it, only that it seemed a little… much.

Make no mistake, I love technology and in most cases, embrace it with open arms. But after seeing this new featurette by Mashable about 45 year old Chris Dancy — the self-described “most connected man in the world” — I have to wonder where my gadget obsession could be take me in a few years.

Dancy owns upwards of 700 tracking and life-logging devices, valuing somewhere around $40,000. According to Dancy, this is helping live a more “quantified life,” but to the ordinary Joe Schmoe, this probably looks more like hoarding. A caricature of our future selves, tech experts say this is this is future that is, indeed, coming. We can only hope it doesn’t swallow us whole like it did Dancy.

As crazy as Dancy may look now, it’s entirely possible all these little gadgets could one day come bundled inside a single smartphone or wearable computer. Video below.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I love the, “It’s really awkward right now,” … second of silence … snaps head up to check the Google Glass notification lol. Nice editing.

  2. I’m just gonna throw it out there…

    I feel like this guy is like one of those mad scientist people that never really accomplishes anything other than being weird. I think the hording problem that is evident from the video backs that up. It doesn’t really seem like he has a reason or use for the data he’s collecting either.

  3. There is a man with some issues.

  4. For someone who tracks every aspect of his life, he’s in pretty soft shape. Sad. It’s like tracking the mileage in your car without ever performing any maintenance on it.

    1. If those self portraits are any indication it seems that he has been losing weight. It may be the tech that’s helping him manage that process.

  5. I don’t think I could leave the house with more than 1 connected device to my phone. My phone never gets left behind, but it’ll be either Wear or Glass with me in my future.

    There are still people that don’t need/use smartphones. Next step is those that don’t see past a smartphone. Thereafter it’s us techies going for connected devices that depend on our phone. And then there’s this guy, overboard.

  6. For a “health and wellbeing professional”, he’s got some serious issues.

  7. Oh boy, what a fruitcake. I think Barnum and Bailey has a spot for him.

  8. My god, that office is unsettling.

  9. Soooo… where can I get a 36 USB port hub like that?

  10. With the way he crosses his legs when he sits, you can tell he has no balls.

    The Michael Jackson line took it over the top for me.

  11. I love tech, and I would dearly love to have all the toys this guy has, but all I can think of while watching that video is ‘what a total nobhead that guy is’

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