Android Deals: Save 50% on Samsung tablets, 92% off Android Hacker Bundle, and more!



We’re back with more awesome deals for your Android device! This week we have a bunch of accessories on sale, some huge discounts on app packs, and some hilarious movies on the cheap. There is no better feeling than saving money on things you love. We’ve compiled a bunch of great deals from across the web so you can enjoy that feeling all day long.

Hardware & Accessories


Save 36% on the Limefuel Lite USB Battery Pack
With a whopping 1500 mAh battery, this compact battery pack has the power to charge two devices at once. Normally priced at $55, you can get this sweet little gadget for $34.99 from

Save 46% on the WiQiQi Galaxy S5 Charger
Wireless charging is one of the most convenient features of the Samsung Galaxy S5, as long as you have a wireless charging pad to go with it. The WiQiQi pad for the Galaxy S5 usually costs $75, but you can get it for just $39.99 from

Save 13% on the ChargeKey, a key-sized charging cable
Sometimes your phone is dying and all you need is a cord. The ChargeKey is a simple charging cable that is small enough to go on any keychain. All you need is a USB outlet and you can charge your phone with ChargeKey. Get it now for just $24.99 from

Save big on Samsung MicroSD cards from Amazon
A great thing about Samsung devices is they usually include MicroSD card slots. This has become a rarity in modern smartphones. If you’re looking for more storage check out the huge sale Samsung is having on MicroSD cards from 16-64GB at

Save 39% on a factory unlocked LG Nexus 5 16G
The Nexus 5 is still one of the top Android devices available today. It has a great display, nice minimal design, powerful processor, and of course stock Android straight from Google. Normally the unlocked version of the Nexus 5 is $599, but for a limited time you can get it for just $364 from

Save 50% on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
If you’re looking for a great Android tablet you should look no further than the Samsung Galaxy Tab line. These device have great displays, and they work similarly to the Samsung Galaxy S phones. You will feel right at home with this tablet. For a limited time you can get the Tab 3 for $150 off the original price for $149.99 from

Save 33% on a Samsung  55-Inch 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart LED TV
Okay, enough with the small stuff. Let’s talk big. 4K is all the rage these days, but getting a 4K TV in your home can be expensive. Amazon has a massive 55-inch Samsung 4K TV on sale for $1000 off the original price. It will still cost you a pretty penny, but it’s considerably cheaper than many 4K TVs. Snag this TV for $1997 from

Apps & Games


Save a whopping 92% on the The Elite Android Hacker Bundle. If you’re looking to learn Android development from the ground up, this is the deal for you. This course contains 74 lectures with over 10 hours of content which cover all of the advanced skills necessary for developing applications for Android. You can get all of this for $39 from

Save 90% on The Amazing Android App Kit. Get your Android app idea off the ground without the expensive and time-consuming design and development phase. These templates are the perfect place to start. With a functional native Java code base, eye-catching artwork, and excellent UX, it’s everything you need to make your app shine in the Play Store. Get it now for $49 from



Music & Video


Sometimes the best thing to do with your Android device is to chill out and enjoy some music, a TV show, or movie. The Play Store and Amazon are constantly putting movies, TV shows, and music up for sale. We’ve compiled some of the best deals to pop up this week. Enjoy!



TV Shows

If you know of any awesome deals that popped up this week tell us about them! Did you take advantage of any of these deals? Let us know in the comments below! Happy saving!

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Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. “Normally the unlocked version of the Nexus 5 is $599…” eh?

    1. Right? $349 on Google Play store. Only downside is the GP store is out of stock of the 16GB all colors. For me, after taxes, the 16GB Nexus 5 would run $373. I’d pay the extra $10 + shipping to get it from Google.

  2. That 4K TV is tempting. I’ve got 3 Samsung TVs in my house and LOVE them… but they aren’t 4K… and that’s a darn good price. Alright, gotta go, I’m gluing my hands to the inside of my pockets.

    1. No it isn’t. They go on sale all the time and Abe’s of Maine has it on sale right now for 1399.
      +free shipping. I think I’m talking myself into buying one.

      1. That’s last year’s F series model. Need to pay extra to get the 2014 evolution kit to get the same smart ui, HDMI 2.0 and hevc encoding as the one from Amazon and even then it isn’t as good.

        1. Even that one is 1599 at Crutchfield.

          Nevermind. It seems that one is 50″

  3. A whopping 1500mAh? Lol, that’s terrible. I think you mean a whopping 15,000mAh.

  4. That’s a great price on the Samsung 4K TV. Half the price I’d pay in the UK with my staff discount.

  5. “Normally the unlocked version of the Nexus 5 is $599”

    ummm….where do you buy your nexi from? Cause u are getting ripped off my friend.

  6. I thought about that WiQiQi S5 charger but when using the included wireless sticker, it breaks the water seal. No way will I get that now.

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