Alleged Motorola Moto S protective film and specs leaked, could be a phablet bound for Verizon



After a series of more questionable leaks (remember the sandwich bag?), our friend from TKTechNews may have landed himself the Moby Dick of leaks. We’ve heard rumors of a Motorola-made Nexus 6 phablet launching later this year packing super high-end specs and running under the codename “Shamu,” no doubt a play on words given the device’s larger screen size.

More recently, a leaked benchmark may have confirmed this whale of a device’s specs, touting a Snapdragon 805 processor, 2560 x 1440 resolution display, 3GB of RAM, and a 13MP camera. Pretty much all the things that make an Android fanboy’s heart go pitter-patter. The only oddity was the reported 5.2-inch display which didn’t line up with previous rumors, but we’re sure had something to do with it running on a prototype device of some sort.

Today, TKTechNews comes out of left field with a few leaked images of a what could be a Motorola phablet headed to Verizon. Pictured above is the protective film taken from a “Motorola Moto S” showing cutouts for speakers not unlike the recently leaked Motorola Moto X+1.  But that’s not all, TK also managed to grab a few alleged images of the Moto S’s hardware info as reported by the device. Although blocked out to protect the original leaker’s identity, TK ran the device’s ESN/IMEI and found that it is indeed a Verizon device, although of unknown origin.

Motorola Nexus 6 Shamu Moto S Verizon

TK is promising to follow up these leaks with images of the back of the device, so we’ll be checking back with him to see what he turns up. What do you guys think? Would any of you be interested in a Moto S phablet on Verizon?


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I wouldn’t believe anything TK tech news reports.

    1. I mean, evidence is evidence. While I wouldn’t put much weight in the system info portion, that protective film is pretty legit.

      I uploaded the photo — which is in full resolution as taken with the Moto X — to Photo Forensics and it showed that there’s no funny business around the “S.”

      See here: http://fotoforensics.com/analysis.php?id=0fcebd8731ac50e3a7089c474e7ac65ad0781d11.2200664

      1. You should watch some of his YouTube videos. The guy makes up stuff just to get hits.

        1. Lol i could give a rats ass about the views. If you think thats why I do this your really not that intelligent.

          1. Hey TK while I enjoy your vids, how come you didnt made a full video review of the X+1 ala gizmodos iphone 4.. I mean you already have it, whats the use then if u’re only gonna show the boot animation while completely covering the device, bogus reporting man!

            Keep it up tho!

          2. Its called protecting the source. I am not going to expose a source over one leak. I showed what I could….. And now we get more moto stuff because we respect that and proetect our sources. If thats BS then so be it I’ll take that all day

          3. Insulting someone is a great way to make your case. Just admit to Chris that you made this up. I wouldn’t be surprised if you paid some to make a screen protector that said moto s on it. Clearly the s5 active preproduction model you filmed was nothing more than an s5 with a metal back you bought from your “source”. If you really had the new Moto X, then why is yours missing the front facing speakers? I know that you are going to say that you needed to cover up some markings on the front of the phone which hid the speakers. Well that’s great but…you think you would have mentioned the new front facing speakers in your video. Your other videos are OK, just stop making up these supposive ” leaks”.

          4. Lol.

          5. I find your lack of professionalism astounding, you come across as nothing but an attention whore.

          6. Whatever you think. No one said I was a professional journalists. And if you think its for the attention wrong again. But whatever you think tough guy

          7. A tough guy, really? Professionalism has nothing to do with being a professional journalist or any other professional, it has to do with acting like a actual mature adult and for me to even have to explain such a thing shows a lot about yourself. You wouldn’t get so much criticism if you didn’t act like such a jackass.

          8. I dont act like a jacka** but I will give you sh*t when you make an ignorant comment. And if you come at me with bs you can expect for me to respond.
            Period end of story.

          9. If you give people sh*t for making ignorant comments, you must spend hours each day giving yourself sh*t

          10. *you’re really not that intelligent.

      2. The cutout for the speaker/earpiece on the top doesn’t look symmetrical to me. Especially compared to the bottom cutout.

    2. Lol. Whatever.
      Cant wait to watch you eat them words there buddy

      1. Lol OK…this is fake just like the s5 prime you leaked with the gold metal back you bought off of eBay. Not to mention the Moto x+1 you paid 25 grand for only to make a video with it covered in saran wrap. You might be able to fool the average person, but you aren’t going to fool me.

        1. Crickets……

  2. Yes, I would be interested

  3. TKTechnews…the worst “leaker” in the history of the internet. WWE is more legitimate than this guy.

    1. I uploaded the full resolution photo taken with the Moto X to Photo Forensics: http://fotoforensics.com/analysis.php?id=0fcebd8731ac50e3a7089c474e7ac65ad0781d11.2200664

      You can see there’s no funny business around the “S” to indicate any kind of foul play. While it’s not 100% certain, It looks like it checks out.

      1. Maybe the photo is legit, maybe it isn’t, but it means nothing. i can go online to one of many many sites and have them make a protective film exactly like that, that doesn’t mean it actually belongs to a real phone. And even if by some stretch of luck this is legit, that would make TK about 3 for his last 500 on his “leaks”

        1. Waaaa waaaa. Is all im seeing here.
          But if you are saying ive “missed” something in my leaks feel free to let us k know…… Oh thats right crickets………..

          1. If you’re hearing crickets you must be hanging out on your blog. I think you’re averaging about 1.5 comments per post for all your “news” and “leaks” that you post. But you do get a lot of replies on your surveys that you run. About 60-65 people usually participate in those. So yeah, you’d be an expert on hearing crickets.

          2. Lol. Im guessing you just dont get it. Go figure. People with low intelligence and some mental faculty disabilities can miss simple english so I get it.
            Let me make this clear “I dont care…. If you visit the site. It doesnt phase me rither way. I make 7 figures a year in a “job” in hockey, I do this as a hobby” if you cant understand that you seriously have issues.
            But you will still read and go there anyway. And you will still watch the videos because youre a hypocrite.

            Facts are facts

          3. Yes, facts are facts. And the fact is if you improved by a factor of about 100, then you’d be a 2-bit hack. I’m glad you have such a wonderful “job” but its too bad your money can’t buy you any integrity, or brain cells for that matter. “Hey, I make 7 figures but I’m so upset that someone on the internet called me out for being wrong time after time after time” But I haven’t been to your site in months and I have no intentions of watching your videos, because frankly, I’m not sure what’s worse, your credibility or your prepubescent voice.
            Oh, and what’s a “rither” way? With all your money you can’t even afford a program with spell check? Nice

          4. 25000.00

            Seven figures.

          5. You are such an @sshat. You have a lot of nerve calling people trolls.

        2. And I love trolls with new accounts on disqus. Just saying. Hide away

          1. Yep, brand new user here. I’m not sure how I have posts from 3 years ago since I’m so new…typical TK, wrong once again.

    2. Yep, that about sums it up.

    3. And youve leaked……….. Crickets

      1. T.K. is also an idiot and a sissy.

        1. This coming from a guy with a profile who was banned on our channel for talking about doing illegal things with kids.
          As i said there tough guy. I cant stand anyone that would do that. Id love to see you at IFA CES or anyother conference so I can really show you how I feel about people like you.
          I dont talk to people who do that or even talk about it. So you wont get further responses from me. And if the phandroid wants a copy id advise you keep people who mess with kids off your site

          Just saying

          1. Heh heh what a silly little person.

          2. I see no denial.
            But its cool im sure the trolls will back up someone that messes with kids.

            Shows that character.

            Im done here.
            Thanks Chris for presenting the facts. Id be very wary on having know people who mess with kids on this site.

            Just saying

          3. So you talk to him to tell him that you’re not going to talk to him. Then you say you’re not going to respond and then you respond. So yep, TK is wrong…again. Maybe you should change your site to TKWrongNews. it would be more fitting.

      2. hey…better to leak crickets than to make up things…ya know?

  4. I want this just because Motorola will probably put some good speakers on it.

    1. The speaker was actually one of the things I loved about the Moto X. Point that sucker towards my face and I’ll be in heaven (TWSS). Lol

  5. Finally a website posts this news. Sounds and looks awesome.

  6. Moto S yes, Verizon no.

  7. I really wish that the few remaining bloggers who still use that stupid term would just stop. I don’t even think BGR still uses it.

    1. What term?

        1. Why? Do you own one?

          1. Well I did have the first phone that had the stupid label applied to it by some tech blogger with delusions of cleverness; the original Galaxy Note.

            I prefer phones in the 4.7″-4.8″ but currently have a 5″ Galaxy S4. At the time they said that anything 5″ or larger would have qualified so the S4, if it had been released in 2011 it would have no doubt been called a “phablet”.

            Of course as phones have been getting larger and larger it’s shown just how stupid and meaningless a term it is anyways and most of the tech bloggers (the only people who ever used the term) have stopped.

          2. It’s not meaningless, a phablet is anything greater than 5 inches.

          3. What about when the standard phone size is 5.2″ or 5.5″? Are you going to start calling all (or most) phones “phablets” or are you going to start saying only phones larger than 5.7″ (or whatever) are?

          4. Standard size will be 4.7 inches. Anything over 5 is a phablet. The definition doesn’t change unless a majority of phones sold break the barrier, 84% of which are still under 5′.

          5. Maybe if you count budget phones. Flagship phones hit 5″ in 2013 and they aren’t going anywhere but up.

          6. Most flagships sold are still iPhones so budget phones count.

          7. There is no standard definition of dimensions for the word phablet.

            That’s like saying how many MPH is fast. Well in the early 1900s 15MPH was fast for a car. Now 200+ is attainable.

            As times change so does the definition. Phablet is probably now in the over 5.2″ range, considering the wealth of “phones” of that size.

          8. Says who? The G2 has a 5.2″ display, but the same overall size as the 5″ S4/

  8. So I did the math… A 1440X2560 with a 640 dpi would come out to a display that is in the range of approximately 4.59″. I am going to have to say that I am going to bring a block of salt lick with this rumor because I don’t believe a grain of salt will cover this one. Any thoughts on that TK?

    1. DPI as reported by the device is a “class” designation which tells apps which assets to use when rendering UI elements.

      The Nexus 5 self-reports as 480 DPI, if this were strictly correct then the N5 would also have a 4.59″ screen rather than the 4.97″ it actually carries.

      This is simply a 640 DPI class device, meaning it probably carries around 560-580 actual DPI.

      1. A 5.9″ 1440×2560 screen would result in a dpi of approximately 498. Not stating your wrong just going by the math.

        1. and if it’s 5.2 inches it’ll be about 565 ppi

      2. I’m pretty sure the Nexus 5 has a 4.95 display.

    2. As stated dpi is never correct as with the nexus and much more pronounced with the g3.
      The G3 according to the same tests os a 4.9 to 5.1 display but we all know it’s 5.5

  9. On Verizon? Nope. But I would buy the living crap out of a GSM unlocked/T-Mobile variant.

  10. Verizon managed to get an exclusivity period on the launch devices for Android 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0 (the O.G. Droid, the Xoom, and the Galaxy Nexus). While I’m not claiming they will have it for 5.0 it wouldn’t surprise me if they did. Just some food for thought. Cue the “Verizon will never get another Nexus” posts.

  11. Well hello there. This might be the first phone since I bought my M8 that looks worth buying to me.

    1. How you doing (referring to the Moto S). lol

  12. Boo. The camera is a 4:3 sensor. The Moto X had a true 16:9 sensor (no cropping), but was universally panned for its performance (it’s a lot better on 4.4.4).

    Moto S … where S = Shamu! =P

  13. Specs look good, hopefully not a Verizon-only phone. Hm, wasn’t Shamu the rumored Nexus 5 successor? Maybe it will be the Nexus 5S!!!

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