Aug 14th, 2014

Coin Coined

As one of Coins first backers, we were beginning to worry the tiny device might have been nothing more than vaporware. I mean, c’mon — the promise was huge. A tiny Bluetooth device that allows users to scan in and consolidate all their credit cards into 1 electronic card — that’s straight future sh*t right there. Like Motorola, Coin was targeting a “summer” release date but as we near the end of the season, people are looking for some kind of update on when they can expect their Coins to arrive.

Coin in real life

Today the makers of Coin are breaking their silence in an email to backers, notifying those who’ve already pre-ordered the device that next week they’ll finally be able to specify the address Coin will be shipping to in a follow up email. Only then will backers be able to download the iOS and Android apps to reveal the exact date they can expect their Coin to ship. iOS users get the jump (as usual) with the Coin app officially launching on August 28th, while Android users will have to wait almost a full month later for September 25th.

Coin mentions shipping dates are based on when you pre-ordered Coin, so those that got the early jump can expect it before everyone else. For those that have any questions about Coin, the company provided a handy FAQ which we covered in a previous post here.

Don’t forget Coin is still available for pre-order for $50 (50% off) and you can buy it from their website here.

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