Coin taking shipping info from backers next week, will provide shipping dates inside Android app on Sept 25th


Coin Coined

As one of Coins first backers, we were beginning to worry the tiny device might have been nothing more than vaporware. I mean, c’mon — the promise was huge. A tiny Bluetooth device that allows users to scan in and consolidate all their credit cards into 1 electronic card — that’s straight future sh*t right there. Like Motorola, Coin was targeting a “summer” release date but as we near the end of the season, people are looking for some kind of update on when they can expect their Coins to arrive.

Coin in real life

Today the makers of Coin are breaking their silence in an email to backers, notifying those who’ve already pre-ordered the device that next week they’ll finally be able to specify the address Coin will be shipping to in a follow up email. Only then will backers be able to download the iOS and Android apps to reveal the exact date they can expect their Coin to ship. iOS users get the jump (as usual) with the Coin app officially launching on August 28th, while Android users will have to wait almost a full month later for September 25th.

Coin mentions shipping dates are based on when you pre-ordered Coin, so those that got the early jump can expect it before everyone else. For those that have any questions about Coin, the company provided a handy FAQ which we covered in a previous post here.

Don’t forget Coin is still available for pre-order for $50 (50% off) and you can buy it from their website here.

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  1. Really? USA do not use chip & pin on cards for security? Pardon the pun but really!!?

    1. They soon will.

      1. Really hope so…

    2. They will, it’s why I backed out of backing. I now have two corporate cards with Chip and Pin.

    3. only merchant in the USA I know that even uses the chip/pin is walmart, many banks offer it as a free optional feature but I suppose not many people use it (yet)

      1. Well here in Sweden banks pushed to get it out but stores didn’t like it because of the extra costs in new equipment. But banks made it more or less mandatory, over a year it get everywhere and free to use. Stores took the extra cost into their product prices. Small around the corner convenience stores found a couple of solutions to solve it. By forcing minimum value on the good you purchase if you want to use card, close the equivalent of $10. Other solution is that just add about 50 cents if you purchase below the equivalent of $10. For me it is simple and more convenient to just take the extra charge instead of keep running to an ATM to have cash on me. Not very economical but doesn’t happen very often. Oh just remember, first generation of machines were really slow. Could take one minute for one costumer. But it get better and the technology evolved. Today it’s down to a couple of seconds and it’s done.

        1. Oh just remembered the first couple of generations were really slow to make the transfers with the bank. In beginning it could take up to a minute per costumer. Banks capacity for the new technology was limited also. But the technology evolved and today it is as fast as swiping and pin.

    4. Is this news to you? The US is at least 10 years behind the rest of the world in payment tech.

      1. Yeah it kind of was. Sure I seen American movies etc etc. But I think reality was far better.

  2. Thieves will love this

  3. $50 for something that takes the place 8 cards in your wallet for only 2 years on average, for which you’ll have to replace for $100? Call me crazy, but unless you’ve got money to throw away or you’re a tech junky that perhaps enjoys showing off, how does this make sense? $20, sure, not $50 and surely not $100!

    1. I think it’s more a matter of convenience for those of us with a bunch of gift or credit cards in our wallets. My ass would be so much happier to only have a Coin in my wallet.

      1. Even if this is the case, I would *never* place Coin in my wallet in my back pocket to sit on. Meaning it would be in my front pocket. Meaning I have no real *need* for it.

        Also, I’m poor and don’t have credit cards.

        1. You should have lead with that last line.

  4. As a small business owner my business will never accept these. Credit card fraud is bad enough already, this just make it easier for thieves. I’m sure I’m not the only business owner who thinks this way. If I can’t see your actual card and a driver’s license I won’t accept the payment.

    1. Great plan, after all, no one would possibly steal a credit card AND make a fake ID. That would be 2 wrongs and no one would ever risk that.

      1. Of course this happens and it’s one of the risks in taking credit cards. But still not as risky as accepting this form of credit card payment.

        I’ve unfortunately accepted a stolen card before and lost a lot of money. I’ve never had a problem since requiring ID but it could still happen.

    2. Exactly why, when I receive mine, I will still keep one Visa card in my wallet. Bye bye 2 Amex, 2 Visa, and 4 loyalty cards, it will be just one Visa and one Coin

  5. I don’t see the issue of they have their id with them being that their name is stamped on the Coin and it displays the last 4 digits of the card on the Coin’s display. Also, if they have their phone, it would be simple to pull up a picture of the card stored in the app.

    New tech should not be unjustly outcasted. A small business owner should know most of all how important it is to keep up with technology and trends.

    1. I’m all for new technology. I’m not in favor of losing money. Sorry but this is just a bad idea all the way around. It’s a neat idea don’t get me wrong but it needs some kind of security.

  6. Last time I checked, September 25th isn’t summer. “Shipping Summer 2014”

    1. Are you just pointing out that they’re late? Yeah, we know.

  7. I would rather just use Google Wallet.

  8. KAPOTAS The Ultimate Minimalist Wallet for the Minimalist-Techie/ Coin-Card user.

  9. The search for the ultimate wallet is over! KAPOTAS The Ultimate Minimalist Wallet for the Minimalist-Techie/ Coin-Card user.

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