Aug 12th, 2014


After garnering over $1 million in sales since launching on April 1st, the cult hit Goat Simulator will finally make the trek on over to our Android devices. Developer Coffee Stain Studios announced the news during this year’s GDC, after the company said the game — which is their new cash cow — had made back all the money they invested into the game in only 10 minutes (with more revenue generated in 4 months than the company had made in 4 years). Holy cow.

If you’ve been off your video gaming news the past few months, Goat Simulator originally started out as a joke more than anything. But after game trailer quickly gained a million views and they saw the demand for such product, they began divesting employees to help bring the game to life.

Much like skateboarding games of yore, players control a goat as their avatar as it scoots along a town causing mayhem and destruction. The more damage caused, the more points you get. Pretty straight forward and a nice change of pace from super serious games that require players to finely hone all of their senses. Sometimes you just want to kick back, and lick the face off pedestrians — amirite?

No word on exact timing of this Android (and iOS) release, but rest assured the goat is coming. Check out the trailer below. It’s… beautiful.