Electric Blue Samsung Galaxy S5 is finally coming to the US, will be a Best Buy exclusive starting Aug 17th



We were a little bummed to find that, despite showing off a snazzy electric blue color option for the Galaxy S5 at this year’s Mobile World Congress, the color never managed to land stateside. But things are finally starting to make sense after Best Buy’s latest announcement. Seems the electronics retailer has nabbed another color exclusive, this time on the Electric Blue Samsung Galaxy S5.

Keep in mind this actually isn’t the same model shown off previously. Instead, Best Buy’s variant offers 50% more blue for the money thanks to a completely recolored blue bezel to match it’s battery cover. Looks pretty sweet considering the original was merely the black model with a blue battery cover.

To help further entice customers, Best Buy will be offering their exclusive Electric Blue Samsung Galaxy S5 for $99 for a limited time with a 2-year agreement on either Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint (that’s about $100 off). Should customers decide they’d like to opt with an easier to digest monthly payment plan — like Verizon Edge, AT&T Next, or Sprint Easy Pay — the phone can be had for $0 down and comes with a $100 Best Buy gift card in the process.

The deal is only good from August 17th through 23rd and even applies to all color variants if blue isn’t your thing. Might want to mark your calendars.

Chris Chavez
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  1. Hey that’s a DIFFERENT blue S5 than the one that’s internationally for sale. The international blue model is black on the front.

    1. Hey the mention that in the article

  2. Color, shmolor, where is the 32GB S5?

    1. My thoughts exactly.

  3. I generally dont buy a phone based on looks. I usually do based on specs alone. But seriously I can not get over how damn ugly this phone was. Specs are nice but there are similar specs phones that just plain look better. ughhh ugly (all color S5s).

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