Aug 1st, 2014

Google Home Experience Launcher

Heads up, everyone! Once exclusive to only Nexus and Google Play edition devices, Google has quietly opened up availability of the Google Experience Launcher to a handful of new devices in the Play Store. Although a full running list isn’t available (the Play Store listing still lists the Nexus/GPe devices as the only ones compatible), we just noticed that the launcher is supporting everything from our HTC One M8, to our Sony Xperia Z2.

We’re noticing some reporting back that’s it not available on their versions of the same device, so we’re wondering if this might not be region specific or one of Google’s staged rollouts. We’re sure there are even more devices, so if you feel so inclined, be sure and report back with any of your findings. You may remember a few weeks back when we told you guys about Google and ZTE’s new partnership to include the Google Now Launcher as the stock launcher on a handful of their new devices.

In the meantime, if you’ve been dying to give the Google Now infused launcher a shot without having to jump through any hoops, you can find the Google Now Launcher via the Google Play link below.