Jul 22nd, 2014

RedLaser header

Barcode scanning ‘RedLaser’ is seeing a Google Glass port of its popular mobile app. The shopping assistant, which is owned by eBay, allows users to scan and compare prices of products in the real world but it isn’t tied down to only searching through eBay. Quite the contrary.

Once a barcode is scanned, RedLaser will show results from various big name retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, Nordstrom, or Foot Locker. For those times when a barcode isn’t available to scan, the Glassware also allows users to search for a product by voice, pulling up the product and even providing navigation and directions to where you can buy it locally. RedLaser says they have “thousands” of retailers at their disposal, and with the app now available on Google Glass, shopping will never be the same. Here’s the description from their Glassware listing:

“The leading shopping and price comparison app that helps +30 million users to shop smarter is now available on Glass – turning you into the ultimate shopper! With RedLaser for Glass you will be able to easily compare prices of thousands of online and local retailers just by scanning a product’s barcode right from your Glass. Ask Glass to find a product to quickly locate available stores, navigate to a nearby local store or even purchase online by sending yourself an email notification to complete the transaction on any mobile device or PC you own.”

RedLaser Google Glass

While the usefulness of Google Glass is still under careful consideration for some, the obvious benefit is, because it’s always strapped to your face, information is never more than a few voice actions away. Being able to scan barcodes and compare prices while shopping is exactly why the wearable was made and anyone lucky enough to own a pair during this beta period owes it to themselves to give this app a shot.

To enable RedLaser on your Google Glass headset, simply jump on over to the Glass store via the link below.

Install from the Glass store: RedLaser