Mysterious Motorola battery cover leaked with Kevlar material and 2 large holes – could it be the Moto X+1?


Motorola Droid X Plus 1 leak hellomotoHK

The folks at HellomotoHK stumbled upon a mysterious batter cover for an alleged Motorola device, posting the image to their Facebook page for all to see. The image — which we’ve color corrected — shows black battery cover with kevlar-like material woven throughout. It’s not too unlike the back covers we’ve seen on the Motorola Droid line, currently exclusive to Verizon.

Although there appears to be 2 HTC One M8-style camera holes, we wouldn’t go that far in our assumptions. More than likely, the bottom hole will be used for the Motorola logo (which is absent on this battery cover), although we will admit it’s a bit strange to have a cutout for what is normally a printed logo.

Now, exactly which device this leaked battery cover belongs to is anyone’s guess. HellomotoHK lists off a few possible devices, naming the Motorola Moto X+1, a Google Play edition of the same phone, or some upcoming Motorola Droid 2014 device as likely candidates.

We hope this is only the beginning of a flood of leaks that will begin pouring out like we saw with last year’s Motorola Moto X.

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  1. Motorola pioneered the use of fingerprint scanners on smartphones. Chances are that’s what it’s for if you really think about it.

    1. A good a guess as any. I think it could be more functional than an extra camera…

      1. or probably just the Motorola logo.

      2. Really? I think that I could be the fingerprint scanner. Or maybe the dimple on the back is fixed and this just might be one of many removable backs for maybe the Moto maker?

        We will have to wait for more leaks

        1. A fixed dimple makes the most sense the second hole is in the position of moto’s trademark simple, they probably just redesigned how you pop off the shell. The dimple might be fixed on the inside and you pop on the shell and make the back.

  2. What is up with the two holes on either side of the top hole? Two flashes, perhaps… However there is then no speaker on the back, so perhaps we will get front facing speakers? Or perhaps the bottom hole is for a large, round speaker grill? That would look rather ugly…

    1. Please have front facing speakers on an X+1. That would make me so happy.

  3. LED, camera, noise canceling mic, and Motorola dimple. I thinks it’s a case, not the actual back plate.

  4. I’m going to go out on limb and guess that this has something to do with a phone.

    I have an excellent track record for these kinds of guesses.

  5. Two large holes…. Giggity.

    1. They look large. But boy are they tight! Someone’s been doing their Kegel exercises!

  6. I vote for a circle speaker or a trackpad for scrolling and such…

    1. I’d be OK with it being the speaker, but a rear mounted trackpad would suck IMHO. And really why have a trackpad on a touchscreen phone? They did away with that after the Nexus 1. At least it was on the front, a rear mounted one would take quite awhile to get used to.

  7. The lower hole, if it’s like on my Droid Maxx, is for inductive charging. The Maxx’s backplate has a Motorola logo that’s not part of the backplate, and that the contact for inductive charging.

    1. Mystery solved.

      1. The reason I’d figure it not being a dual camera, is the lower hole is larger. IIRC, both camera holes on the HTC One M8 are the same size.

  8. Kevlar is back, baby

  9. The lower hole is where the Motorola logo goes, like on the Moto X.

  10. Hopefully this is an indication they’ll be doing another Droid MAXX with all of its sleek professional grown-up features and extra settings, not like these candy phones targeted at teenage Japanese girls.

    1. lol well said

  11. like others of said if you see the new droid maxx the dimple is actually not part of the back plate…i think this is a similar design probably for the new droid lineup…a droid moto x design is right up my ally id be curious about this phone

  12. Wow, i am excited to see this.
    Okay… after reading some of the comments.. I am not excited anymore LOL.
    I guess if the lower hole is for Qi, it would be good.

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