PayPal update brings support for loyalty cards, speedier login, removes check scanning


PayPal update

Hot on the heels of Google Wallet’s latest update, PayPal is here with an update to their own mobile payments app. According to their changelog posted on Google Play, the update adds even more convenient features to help make sending/receiving mobile payments on the phone easier than ever.

First off, a new quicker login has been added, allowing users to quickly jump inside the app by saving the phone number associated with the login. This means users will now only have to enter in their PIN to quickly access their account information.

They’re also adding support for loyalty cards, allowing users to add retailers like Albertsons, AAA, Bloomingdale’s and more. This should help slim up that George Costanza wallet you got in your back pocket.

But it’s not all additions, PayPal actually mentions they’ve completely stripped away the ability to scan checks from the app, although specific reasons weren’t given. You can find the update available right now on Google Play via the link below.

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  1. Oddly the update I got yesterday in the UK said it had store cards added. But it doesn’t.

  2. Why in the world would they take away the ability to scan checks?

    1. If I had to guess I would say fraud.

  3. Stop promoting this stupid company. They are fucking evil.

  4. Completely disappointed that I can’t scan checks anymore!

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