LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live now available on Google Shopping Express


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Google Shopping Express may not be available everywhere quite yet (okay, that’s a huge understatement), but in the areas where it is live, it’s easy to see how same-day delivery on items you might otherwise be too busy to pick up (or too lazy) could be incredibly beneficial to some. Where you’ll find the usual assortment of goods on Shopping Express — paper towels, food, cleaning supplies — there are also a fairly good range of electronic devices that can be purchased from retailers like Best Buy or Google Play.

LG G Watch Samsung Gear Live Google Shopping Express

Guess it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to find Google has just made available their new line of Android Wear smartwatches available for same day delivery via Shopping Express. As discovered by one Reddit member, both the LG G Watch (black and white) and the Samsung Gear Live are now available from Google Shopping Express with same day delivery, although seemingly limited to only the Peninsula area of San Francisco.

As Google Shopping Express expands, the prospect of near instant gratification of the latest Google Play devices is definitely an appealing one. For those interested, you can find links to the aforementioned Android Wear products below.

LG G Watch (black | white) | Samsung Gear Live

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  1. That’s great if you live in that area. AT&T still has the g watch for $179

    LG G Watch Android Wear Smartwatch $179 at AT&T Wireless

    Available Here:

  2. Ugh, I really want a watch but am trying my best to hold out for Moto 360!

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