Alleged Sony Xperia Z3 leaks again, shows off side profiles and size comparison with Galaxy Note


Sony Xperia-Z3-picture-leak_1

After getting a few good look at what could be the upcoming Sony Xperia Z3, the boys at the Xperia Blog are back again in a follow up to the originally leaked images we saw last week. This time we’re getting a view at the side profile of the phone, with much more rounded edges than its predecessor.

Seems Sony could be taking design cues from leaked images of the Apple iPhone 6, or possibly even the Nokia Lumia 925, 2 devices that look strikingly similar. In either case, the images seem to be causing an uproar with Xperia fans who aren’t taking to the Sony Xperia Z3’s possible new design.

Another oddity is the inclusion of a strange mystery hole along the left side of the device, which some are guessing could either be a microphone hole, or a speaker. Given last year’s Sony Xperia Z2 featured stereo front facing speakers, it seems like a step back to do away with them for the sequel.

Sony Xperia Z3 leak side view

But the leakage doesn’t stop there. For a quick size comparison, the phone’s owner pits the device against what appears to be the original Samsung Galaxy Note. Measuring in at 146.9 x 83 x 9.7mm, the alleged Sony Xperia Z3 features almost identical dimensions (although not nearly as wide).

This should help ease concerns this phone would end up being a larger Sony Xperia Z Ultra follow up, or even the recently leaked Sony Xperia Z3 Compact.

Sony Xperia Z3 leak Galaxy Note comparison

If this device is, in fact, the Xperia Z3 — and not another Xperia variant altogether — it’s entirely possible Sony could be waiting to unveil the device during this year’s IFA 2014 in Berlin. With the Xperia Z2 already trumping much of the competition in terms of raw hardware specs, we’re finding it difficult to think up ways Sony could possibly improve upon the device in such a short amount of time. Stay tuned for more.

[Digi-wo via Xperia Blog 1, 2]

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  1. All of that HUGE bezel. Epic fail.

  2. Did no one learn from HTCs bezelgate?

    1. I didn’t and love the HTC One M8 (still hate the bezel, but really it’s not that bad).

  3. I want this phone. Almost pulled the trigger on an Amazon or eBay Z2 but didn’t move forward due to the quality issues and lack of warranty. The chances of Sony releasing this in North America before March of next year is slim but I hope I’m wrong.

  4. Another Sony unicorn.

  5. So thick… If only Motorola made a RAZR with newest specs… I just held my old original RAZR and felt so right… [winkyface] [sadface]

    1. the last phone i held that i thought was too thick was my nextel.

  6. Who cares about the bezel. Sony have been releasing some of the best phones in the past two years. Is nothing ever good enough?

    1. Nope.

    2. when you use a LG g2 and now the LG G3 has super small bezels, you wont want to go back. i have a g2 and used a z1 for awhile. those bezels drove me crazy by how much space it wasted. if sony can shrink the bezels it would be for the best. otherwise it was a great phone with a great camera

      1. I have to agree. I tried the Z2 but sent it back; bezel was just too big. Using the S4 GPE but thinking about the LG G3.

    3. whiners will whine.

  7. again. bezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezelbezel

  8. Yay, another huge phone with a huge bezel…. Just what we need.

  9. There is not a lot of change in Sony Xperia Z3 .. i guess Samsung galaxy S6 might be much better.

    1. LOL , you say Sony Xperia Z3 would perform better in your website:


      Seriously heights of commenting :P

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