Android’s a Toxic Hellstew and we like it T-shirt winners announced, $3 off for everyone else


It’s that time t-shirt fans. All of your entries have been submitted into Rafflecopter’s random number generator of awesome, the button of destiny has been clicked, and five random winners have been selected. Be sure to wear your Toxic Hellstew t-shirt proud and let Apple’s iSheep know that when it comes to Android Malware, they shouldn’t believe everything in the media. Congrats: Travis, Carlos, Ben, Nara, and Christopher.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
If you see your name listed above, stay tuned to your email for further instructions. If you don’t see your name listed above, have no fear. Both Phandroid and ProcessNotProduct love our fans so much, we’ve teamed up again to offer everyone $3 off on the Toxic Hellstew t-shirt. Just because you didn’t win a free one doesn’t mean we don’t want you to go away empty handed. Head on over to ProcessNotProduct’s online store and use the code ‘Phandroid3’ when checking out to receive $3 off per t-shirt.


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  1. Still no shipping to Canada. You’re loosing money, guys!

    1. “Loosing”? What’s that aboot? Or did you mean “losing”?

      1. Didn’t know you were capable of writing anything but a short story as a reply based on what I sometimes see. Also thought you were above making clichéd jabs at nationalities. Surprisingly few Canadians talk like that. Surprisingly few of them also lack the capability to spell properly.

        1. I’m subscribed to a Canadian guy’s YouTube channel and he has that Canadian accent. Its great.

          1. Your subscription and nickname choice could both use some serious work. Of course you think it’s great. I’d also think it was great if I subscribed to a war-mongering,gun maniac from the USA I kid. That would be terrible because most Americans aren’t actually like that. Remember the same is true about Canadians and their stereotypes.

          2. Its a shortwave radio guy, just because he has a funny accent doesn’t mean I shouldn’t support his work.

    2. I’ll let Tyson know.

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