Some LG G3 pre-orders on T-Mobile already arriving on doorsteps



The LG G3 isn’t technically supposed to launch until July 16th for T-Mobile, but for those wise enough to pre-order the hunky device early, some are already finding the phone arriving on their doorsteps almost a full week early. Apparently some orders began shipping as early as yesterday, with a few lucky folks receiving the phone today. Now that’s service.

One of the few smartphones this year pulling out all the stops when it comes to high-end specs, make sure you check out our review to see how the phone fared in day-to-day usage. Prices around $598 without a contract, here’s exactly how far your hard-earned money will take you:


  • 2.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 13-megapixel rear camera with optical image stabilization, laser-assisted autofocus, 2.1-megapixel front camera
  • 32GB storage and microSD card slot with up to 128GB
  • 3000mAh battery
  • Android 4.4.2
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, 4G LTE, FM Radio
  • DLNA and Miracast
  • Metallic Black, Silk White, Gold Shine colors
  • 146.3 x 74.6 x 9.1mm

Now, pre-orderers receiving a device a few days in advance of a retail launch isn’t exactly uncommon, but when it’s a full 6 days of it’s official release date — that’s pretty damn cool. Anyone receive their LG G3 today? If so, how are you liking it?

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  1. I thought T-Mobile had the 32gb 3GB ram version….

    1. Awesome:
      Looks great,feel-in-hand is perfect,nice display & smooth as silk.
      3/32 on-board:

      Actual out-of-the box & signed-in to GOOGLE:
      1.3GB Free RAM/24GB Storage Available (O/S occupying the difference of the 3/32).

      1. Sounds like LG G3’s OS takes up more space than Samsung’s OS. I just JUMPED from the Note 3 to the S5 (OS takes up 4.42gigs).

        Regardless though, I’m thinking about taking the S5 back to get the G3, then I’ll probably JUMP the final time this year to get the Note 4. I do miss the stylus though ….

    2. You’re totally right. Updated the post.

      1. Is FM Radio on the US model? I didnt think it was? please confirm and update post. thanks

        1. You’re right, no fm radio.

          1. Dang. I still havent found out if the Canadian version has it or not.

  2. It’s Christmas in July!

  3. Mmmmmhmmmm!! Ima watch me some dog fight videos on my bus ride home today. I love me my phone videos.

    I’m not addicted though. It’s just the only thing Youtube seems to recommend me to watch, so I watch it. =.P

  4. I think OnePlus ought to take some notes from this launch.

  5. Love this phone. Miss the Google now launcher though.

    1. can’t you side load it?

      1. Worked like a charm. Don’t know why i didn’t think to do that in the first place. Having every nexus device ever you don’t ever have to worry about sideloading anything ever.

        1. How’s the performance on gpe. Any better than lg launcher?

          1. Performance is exactly the same. I just enjoy the look and feel better of the now launcher. Not a fan of the touchwiz look lg put together. Plus i love the extra Google now page with all the news and info on it.

          2. if you long press the home button in the LG launcher, you get to the google now page…

          3. Yes but again not a fan of the touchwiz look. The phone is amazing I’m not complaining. I’ve just always had nexus devices and its what I’m used to and love the look of.

          4. I get it, but you made it sound like the google now page doesnt exist in the LG launcher, just clearing it up is all.

          5. Its cool. It’s just a convenience thing i guess. So used to it already being there it just doesn’t feel right if it isn’t. Don’t know why the international folks are complaining about battery life, I’ve been on it for an hour this morning and I’m still at 95%.

          6. My battery life was poor yesterday, I had the screen cranked up to 70% however. Today with auto brightness and even disabling the knock code (not sure why I think that will help) it has performed much better so far

          7. Mine was poor yesterday too but it can take a while for them settle down after first using them. Just like when switching between roms.

  6. I got mine at 1127 this morning :) love it

  7. Takes forever to charge. Like seriously a lifetime.

    1. yeah i agree with that too, but I was playing with it alot while it was charging. I tried to see how long it would go with more than normal use and the screen at 70% it lasted about 7 hours. I don’t plan on keeping the screen that high for the most part so hopefully that makes it last longer

      1. Oh me too. In fact i still can’t put it down.

        1. haha mine got down to 4% and I had to put it down, dying to pick it back up though

          1. It’s way early but this might be my favorite device to date.

          2. I’m with ya, I loved my note 2 but I forgot all about it 20 mins after the G3 landed on my desk. And I’m shocked about how good tmobile’s service is in my area compared to sprint. I live right outside of philly so its a pretty big metro area, but sprint has frustrated me for the last time. Plan was to keep my sprint number active until I tested the t-mobile for a couple days… ended up porting my number over an hour ago.

          3. Nice. I switched from Sprint about a year ago due to terribly slow speeds.

          4. yeah the slow speed mixed with the constant having 3-4 bars but your phone does nothing and acts like you have no bars crap made me go. I’m sure all carriers have that from time to time but I doubt it happens as often as it does with sprint.

          5. I used to have full bars, with a supposed 4g wimax signal but couldn’t even load a webpage. T-Mobile has some issues here and there in buildings but for the most part it’s a strong signal. Although their lte isn’t very fast here, averages about 4 to 7Mbps throughout most of salt lake city,save for a few key areas where I’ve seen it get in the high 20s.

          6. yup same nonsense that made me leave, and I even had LTE and not just wimax. I close the sticks, even though its only about 35-45 mins north of philly and got 21 down which surprised the hell out of me. I even get about 8-9 on standard old 4g, been very happy so far with the phone and service

  8. If the camera is anything like the LG G2, blech. Worst camera on a smartphone since the dumbphones.

    1. nope, g2 camera was def better than my nexus 4 lol. But reviews say the camera is good.

    2. You high? Camera is amazing on this phone and all the pros agree. Plus with root I have 120fps video recording and 4k.

      1. how’s the dip in camera quality after root?

      2. My Padfone has 4K video recording and it’s not worth it, even if the camera is great.

  9. I order mine on the 8th at 4am in the morning, had mine delivered and in my hands around 2pm same day.

  10. Just a few from yesterday.

    1. did yours come with 2 batteries?

      1. It came with one, with data cable, no headsets

        1. They really skimp out on the US version huh.

  11. I thought the US model didn’t get an FM Radio?

  12. Strange that it is released in Sweden earlier.

    1. Europe got the early release

  13. I guess the stores won’t break street date? Do you think if I go in and beg they’ll let me have it?

  14. i got mine

  15. the U.S. model doesnt have a fm radio

  16. This
    will definitely give tough competition to existing Galaxy S5 and upcoming iPhone
    6. I have decide to replace my LG’s made Nexus 5 with this LG G3 as I am fully
    impressed with its 2.5GHz Quad Core processor, 3GB RAM with 32GB internal
    storage and above all, 3000mAh battery that support wireless charger.

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