Gmail 4.9 update introduces new ‘Insert from Drive’ option and improved autocomplete suggestions for contacts


Gmail update Insert From Drive Android

It’s “App Update Wednesday” and with that, we’re seeing a handful of new Google app updates hit the Google Play Store. We already told you guys about Chromecast with screen mirroring, and the Google Camera with Android Wear remote capture. Now a small update to Gmail (no, it’s not a Material Redesign) is rolling out on Google Play.

Said to be hitting your Android device within the coming days, the update introduces a new “Insert from Drive” option when composing a message. While this was already kinda available in earlier versions of Gmail, Google’s new option will add files directly inline with your messages  and not simply tacked on at the end of the message.

Should you find yourself attaching a private file, you’ll see an option to change your share settings before sending. Google also mentions they’ve added some improvements to autocomplete suggestions for contacts, making it easier to find who you’re looking for.

Sorry, iOS users. Seems this is Android-only for now.

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