CyanogenMod 11.0 M8 now available, introduces Heads Up notifications, protected apps, and more


Cyanogen Inc

A few months back, Cyanogen Inc announced that they would effectively be doing away with their RC (release candidate) builds in favor of their monthly “M” releases. Here we are 2 months later and as promised, the folks at CyanogenMod are now making available their latest stable ROM, CM 11.0 M8.

Not to be confused with the HTC One M8, the M8 ROM is based off of Android 4.4.4 and will soon be available for a multitude of Android devices (including the One M8). The OpenSSL patches included in Android 4.4.4 (the biggest reason for the update) were actually taken care of by the CyanogenMod team back in their 4.4.3 releases, but this should help quell user complaints that their device is somehow behind the times.

Also, don’t forget new features like protected apps, protected app folders, Heads Up notifications, and more haven all been added. The full list of new features can be found here.

For those coming from one of CyanogenMod’s nightlies, the team says you should have no issue updating from any nightly before June 29th. Have at it!

Download: CyanogenMod.org

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  1. Cyanogen for the win ;)

  2. Now if they would only get it on the M8 I could dump stock sense and be happy.

    1. Just depends on who is willing to maintain it.. I know we have slim and another AOSP flavor.. But as far as I know.. CM11 is still not ready for mass use for the M8.. Shame.

  3. Im going to ask a question, maybe it is stupid….but is it the stable version of cyanogen more stable then stock android (vanilla). I have never sideload any developer rom

    1. No, it probably won’t be. The goal of flashing a new rom is to get new features, generally people don’t flash roms to make their devices more stable.

      Stock’s stability is the main reason for Xposed’s popularity, allowing the user to have the stability of stock with the customization of a custom rom.

  4. Anybody out there have a invite for the one plus one ? I’d be very grateful ha ha [email protected] … Hey once your on a mission you can leave no stone unturned!

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    Riley got an almost new red GMC Canyon just by some parttime working online
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  6. When is Cyanogenmod gonna be available for the GS5?

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