Jul 8th, 2014

Warehouse 3

It sounds like a plot taken straight from a movie script: a well executed heist at a big-name electronics company sees more than $6 million products stolen in the dead of night. And that’s exactly what happened Monday night at a Samsung factory in Brazil according to The Associated Press.

Thought to be an inside job, a group of 20 robbers orchestrated a raid of a Samsung factory, tying up 8 guards and using their IDs to gain access to specific areas in the warehouse. For good measure, they took 2 guards as hostage before loading up 7 trucks with over 40,000 stolen Samsung goods ranging from smartphones, to notebooks and tablets. Once everything was packed, the heavily armed men made out like bandits under the cover of night. Pretty nuts, right?

The police mentioned that, thankfully, nobody was hurt during the whole ordeal. Currently, Samsung is working with local authorities to try and piece everything together, reviewing surveillance video and investigating employees.

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