Robbers steal more than $6 million in goods from a Samsung warehouse in Brazil


Warehouse 3

It sounds like a plot taken straight from a movie script: a well executed heist at a big-name electronics company sees more than $6 million products stolen in the dead of night. And that’s exactly what happened Monday night at a Samsung factory in Brazil according to The Associated Press.

Thought to be an inside job, a group of 20 robbers orchestrated a raid of a Samsung factory, tying up 8 guards and using their IDs to gain access to specific areas in the warehouse. For good measure, they took 2 guards as hostage before loading up 7 trucks with over 40,000 stolen Samsung goods ranging from smartphones, to notebooks and tablets. Once everything was packed, the heavily armed men made out like bandits under the cover of night. Pretty nuts, right?

The police mentioned that, thankfully, nobody was hurt during the whole ordeal. Currently, Samsung is working with local authorities to try and piece everything together, reviewing surveillance video and investigating employees.

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  1. 6 million? everyone else is saying 36 million.

  2. All other sites are reporting the loss at $36 million.

    EDIT: Never mind, I just read the source link. The dollar figure was indeed amended by Samsung

  3. Ehh, I’m sure it’s insured. Glad no one was hurt.

  4. ebay special around the bend? Glad no one was hurt as well.

  5. Did they steal everything at on-contract price? That comes out to $150 per item on average.

  6. Samsung only made $7.1 billion last quarter, this could bankrupt Samsung.

  7. The robbers removed the workers’ phone batteries so they couldn’t call the police. That must be why they chose a Samsung factory.

  8. Apple did it :-/

  9. As punishment Germany is kicking Brazil’s ass in the World Cup

  10. Kill switches not looking so bad now, eh?

  11. Is the fast and the furious 7 plot?

  12. Lol only 6 million. Chump change

  13. Think of me as you may, but that sounds pretty cool. They tied them up and stole that much? You weren’t lying when you said it sounded like a movie.

    I know, my humor is dark, whatever.

  14. Hope they are insured. Sammy has taken a hit in sales, and now this…

  15. Check out elite squad on Netflix shows you how corrupt the authority really is there the authority that Samsung is working with!

  16. This has to be done of the best comments to a phandroid post yet!

  17. Monday? I would have gone for Tuesday, when the rest of the country was watching the omnishambles against Germany.

    Maybe it was a dry run and we can expect more reports of heists across the country.

  18. I bet all those factory workers slaving 14 hours a day for 3 cents an hour to make their phones are starting to get some good ideas…

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