Sprint LG G Flex receives WiFi calling and more in new software update


LG G Flex update

A new software update for the LG G Flex on Sprint is introducing a handful of bug fixes and improvements, with the addition of one very important feature: WiFi calling. WiFi calling should come in handy during those rare instances when Sprint’s network simply isn’t capable of penetrating your home or work place.

LG G Flex owners on the “Now Network” should find the ZV7 update hitting their devices in the coming days, but as we saw with a similar update that also introduced WiFi calling for the Samsung Galaxy S5, these staged rollouts can take some time. Here’s what to look forward to when the update finally drops:

LG G Flex Software Update – ZV7

  • Enhancements/Fixes
  • Voice over Wi-Fi
  • HD Voice Icon
  • Google Patch: SMS and Security
  • Update email Signature

Sprint says the rollout starts today and should end somewhere around July 16th. To manually check to see if the software update is available for your device, jump into your Settings > System updates > Update LG software > Check now.


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