Isis rebranding their mobile wallet service to distance themselves from militant group of the same name



Try doing a Google search for ISIS and you’re bound to find 2 very different results. One of which is Isis, an NFC-based mobile wallet provider going head-to-head with Google Wallet, while the other, ISIS (all caps), is an acronym for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, a militant group making headlines recently for their unspeakable violence against their people. Yeah. Not exactly the name you want people to associate with your budding mobile payments business.

Isis CEO Michael Abbot announced today that they’ve officially made the decision to rebrand their company to something with a less negative connotation. Although an official name hasn’t been revealed as of yet, Abbot mentions they’ll have more to share in the coming months. We’ll be sure to keep you updated, and commend Isis for their decision, these sorta things are never easy.

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PSA: The TSA now requires proof of powered-on devices before boarding some flights

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  1. Someone else may be thinking the same thing:

  2. I bet the terrorists threatened to sue them. Even those folks don’t want to be associated with this kind of BS.

    The fact that VZW and others blocked competing payment systems should be enough to get the FTC after them.

  3. Hahaha! That’s what you get ISIS!

  4. Why would they change it? I see little difference ;-)

  5. They should rename it:
    A Light, Quick And Easy Dollar Assignment.
    Surely that acronym can’t be bad…

  6. Both suck just as bad as the other so what difference will a name change make.

  7. Haha I knew this would happen. I won’t support it though no matter what it’s named.

  8. They should change the name because they suck…

  9. As I Google fan boy and wallet user, I have to admit I like Isis on my ATT moto x. I use gwallet and isis regularly depending on the situation. I don’t like that they blocked gwallet for some carriers, but Google seems to have solved this with KitKat. Honestly Isis is a decent service, with a very unfortunate name…

  10. Change the name? You would be better off closing your doors

  11. The militant isis is probably less evil. /s but not by much.

  12. I wonder how many militants signed up to buy a phone rather than join the army they intended to.

  13. Solid as a rock, that sounds like we build houses in Iraq… god I miss arrested development

  14. If it was is Apple, there would be already a sue.

  15. Awkward

  16. They should just call it FTC (F* The Consumers).
    Wait, that’s taken isn’t it?

  17. LOL, i’ve been hearing that name on the news all the time lately. I was like wtf did ISIS do now?

  18. ISIS or ISIL (the militant group) is actually changing its brand also.

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