Google Play Music 5.6 rolling out, limits account sharing to 5 phones, adds menu tweaks


Google Play Music 5.6 DSC06067

Google has yet to update the changelog on the Google Play Music listing on the Play Store, but there’s some new surprises arriving in their latest update that could cause some concern. Rolling out to Android devices starting today, Play Music 5.6 adds a few new design tweaks (sorry, no Material design just yet), while making a few changes to the number of devices you can have authorized on your account.

According to some sources, only 5 phones can now be added to a single account, where GPM previously didn’t discriminate between tablets, smartphones, or otherwise — they’re are now all categorized for the most part. There’s also a slightly redesigned sidebar menu with “Downloaded Only” toggle, account switcher, and support for the few Android TVs currently available. You can download the update via the Play Store, or 3rd party link below. Cheers.

Download on MediaFire: Google Play Music 5.6

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  1. I don’t want this lol

    1. Why? Do you have Play Music installed on 6 phones?

      1. Something like that. My phone, my girls phone, my daughters phone, my little brothers phone. Planned on adding more but guess that’s messed up. Lol

        1. Hmm. Maybe this was the reason they changed it.

          1. Piss off

          2. Wow. You sure told me.

        2. I can understand for family, but who else do you need to connect to play music?

          1. Idk. I’m just someone who likes options but it’s not really an issue getting another subscription if needed. Laziness

          2. Fair enough.

        3. abusing the system ?

          1. Not really. Unless I missed something about not using it on multiple phones in the contract.

  2. WOOT! You can now cast to Android TV from Play Music! It works well.

    1. Yay for you and other Google I/O attendees.



  3. Stupid move by google, people generally have more than 5 devices to play music on

    1. Which would be relevant if this concerned devices and not specifically phones. 5 PHONES, unlimited mobile and other devices (computers, tablets, etc) – limited to 5 phones.

      Also I challenge your assertion that people ‘generally’ have 5 devices to play music on (particularly devices that are internet enabled and can be synced to Google Play in the first place – which requires a browser, iOS, or Android).

      1. Moto X, Nexus 5, Galaxy Tab 3 10.1, Galaxy Light, Nexus 7 2012, Acer C710 Chromebook, Dell Latitude.

  4. Note 3, Nexus 10, Nexus 7, Android TV box, iPod Touch… Guess I’m safe. Right at 5 here..

    1. What you doing with all levels those devices? Lol

      1. Lol the Note 3, Nex10, and iPod (using my Note for music in the gym is ridiculous) are mine. The Nex7 belongs to my daughter. And I turned off my cable recently and bought an android box for xbmc.

        1. Oh! I can dig it. Cutting the cords. The Internet is providing other means of entertainment. No need for that bill lol. Thinking about getting my daughter a nexus 7 myself.

        2. Did you get the Ouya or another XBMC machine?

          1. Minix

  5. It doesn’t matter to me how many phones I can have Music authorized on since they restrict playback to one device at a time. Account sharing WOULD be helpful if my wife and I could share the same library, but since one of us would kick the other one off if we both tried to listen, sharing is useless. So, I just have one phone that I need authorized and I maintain identical libraries under her gmail account and my gmail account. Real pain….

    1. My wife and I do this too and it doesn’t affect us. We used to use MOG and it sometimes would kick one of us off, but not every time, but I’ve never had it happen on GPM or GPMAA

      1. Interesting, I’ll have to try it again. It has been a while since I’ve done it. Historically, it would happen while I was listening to GPM from my phone or computer at work and my wife was streaming music from our GoogleTV at home. Whoever started second would kick the other one off. Maybe they changed their policies?

  6. I had medium hopes for Play Music, but Spotify upgrades have made it so I never use it. Even at the early-bird discount rate, it’s about to be canceled.

  7. That would be dumb if it was limited to just phones per subscription. Granted, you can cast your music, but still, I like to use my tablet and any computer every now and then. I call BS on that rumor.

    1. I think 5 phones is reasonable

      1. no, I ‘d rather it just be x number of devices. I don’t have 5 phones. I have a phone, a tablet, computers and a couple smart devices for the tv. I don’t need them to limit an account to a certain number of devices. I don’t want a subscription for phones, one for tables, etc

        1. I think you’ve misunderstood the explanation. It’s 5 phones, 5 tablets and unlimited desktop usage.

  8. i think this update ruined the lock screen’s back pause and play on the note 3 … at least for me

    1. On the Xperia Z1 also, yep. And in the alt lock app “Cover”.

  9. bonjour, la bibliothèque devrait être modifiée. Il serait bien de séparer dans celle-ci les albums qui sont sur la mémoire interne et ceux sur le cloud.Cela éviterait les doublons et permettrait de Caster l’album qui est dans le cloud sans se tromper.
    Dans mon téléphone j’ai a peu près les mêmes albums que dans le cloud !!! Alors pas facile de caster le bon album.
    Voila une opinion francaise.

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