Jun 30th, 2014

Google Play Music 5.6 DSC06067

Google has yet to update the changelog on the Google Play Music listing on the Play Store, but there’s some new surprises arriving in their latest update that could cause some concern. Rolling out to Android devices starting today, Play Music 5.6 adds a few new design tweaks (sorry, no Material design just yet), while making a few changes to the number of devices you can have authorized on your account.

According to some sources, only 5 phones can now be added to a single account, where GPM previously didn’t discriminate between tablets, smartphones, or otherwise — they’re are now all categorized for the most part. There’s also a slightly redesigned sidebar menu with “Downloaded Only” toggle, account switcher, and support for the few Android TVs currently available. You can download the update via the Play Store, or 3rd party link below. Cheers.

Download on MediaFire: Google Play Music 5.6