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If you use the Amazon Appstore you are probably familiar with their “Free App of the Day” program. As the name implies, every day they make one paid app available for free. It’s a pretty neat promotion if you actually use the Amazon Appstore. If you don’t use the Amazon Appstore we may have a good reason for you to start.

Amazon is putting 31 of its most popular paid Android apps up for free. All of the apps combined are worth over $100. The list features a great mix of apps for planning, travel, weather, productivity and games. Amazon is running this promotion today and tomorrow (June 27-28). If you’re interested in these apps you can get the Amazon Appstore by following these steps. Check out the full list of 31 apps and games below. Enjoy!

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. The apps I picked up are: Plex, Ravensword: Shadowlands, Dungeon Village, Pinball Deluxe Premium, and League of Heroes Premium.

    Thanks Amazon!!

  2. Can I freeze the amazon app store after I use it? For some reason I thought I read somewhere it was tied to the apps u download.

    1. Nope, just leave it logged in, it doesn’t eat battery or take much space.

      1. cool thanks guys…I know when it first came out it was a hog.

    2. Like the other guy says, don’t worry about freezing the app store. It doesn’t take away battery or processing power. You need it because the apps will require a validation from the app store every so often. Annoying, but the apps are free so….

      1. Lucky Patcher can remove some Amazon App Store verification

        EDIT: no it can’t. not anymore.

      2. On my phone it force closes all the time, and it takes a minimum 20mb’s from ram usually. So it is in fact using processing power.

        1. Don’t know what to tell you other than experience may differ by device. It isn’t even running in the background for me. 0 RAM currently used.

          1. It probably isn’t actually running then. I also find that the apps are finicky about sometimes running without the appstore logged in, and sometimes requiring it. Some apps probably arbitrarily check status more often then others. I logged my phone into a different amazon account to buy something, and now since the main shopping app, is systemwide login, I immediately couldn’t use any amazon apps, except if you opened them real quick you sometimes got like 30 seconds of usage.

  3. Don’t the apps work unless you have the Amazon Store on your phone and logged in? Hmmm, how about “No”.

    1. why whats the big deal about being loggedin

      1. I already have one company monitoring everything I do (Google). I don’t need another one, especially one I trust even less.

        1. ohhhhhh so you’re one of those people

          1. What’s wrong with wanting to limit your exposure online? That’s seems like a sensible thing to desire so yeah, he’s one of “those people”.

          2. Paranoia……

          3. Seems like reasoned caution to me. In the case of monitoring, #edwardsnowden

        2. Lol, what makes you think either company cares about anything other than your money. You think they’d be collecting an average Joe’s information to spy on you in order to kidnap you, sell you to the black market and have your organs harvested? Shave a bit of that ego off. Amazon nor Google are interested in anything about you other than what your interests are so they can sell you things.

    2. yeah that does suck..Lucky Patcher can’t do it anymore..

    3. My problem isn’t being tracked, My problem is the appstore running the background eats rams, and frequently force closes. It’s annoying to because I bought my shazam encore through it, and It always wants me to relogin, and by the time I finish logging in the song I was trying to tag is over.

  4. I immediately grabbed Plex. For free, you’d be silly not to. I also snagged Jump Desktop, which seems to work really well and is a heck of a giveaway as well.

  5. I just got them all. Probably won’t install more than a few of them, but they’re free and now they’re there if I need them. It clutters up the My Apps section, but at least now you can go in and delete apps from your list if you want to.

  6. Sweet lawd!! I’m about to have a field day!!

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