Jun 17th, 2014

Facebook Slingshot

After Facebook’s new photo sharing app, Slingshot, leaked out a bit prematurely last week, it seems the social network is finally ready to make things official. The app has just gone live on Google Play, along with the official Facebook page and new promo video announcing availability of Slingshot for both Android and iOS. You can check out the video here.

For those unaware, Slingshot is Facebook’s latest attempt to mimic the success of Snapchat. While Messenger is aimed towards direct messaging with friends and family, Slingshot’s focus is more on the social aspects of photo sharing. Like Snapchat and Instagram before it, the whole point of Slingshot is to share pics (and having friends who actually want to receive your pics). But unlike rival services, before your friends can ever view your pic, they’ll first need to send one back. It’s an interesting take on photo sharing, and one that could help increase engagement (or kill it completely).

Like most new social services, Slingshot’s success relies heavily on your circles using it. Given it’s ties to Facebook, it sounds like finding friends on the service wont be too difficult. Worst comes to worst, you can always share selfies with grandma. You can download Slingshot free for Android via the link below.

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