90% off Xtreme Guard’s tempered glass screen protectors using this coupon code [DEALS]



Ever since the first “tempered” glass screen protectors started hitting the market, we have to admit — we were intrigued. Unfortunately, their steep pricing always kept us admiring from afar. It’s a good thing we came across this awesome deal from Xtreme Guard and their line of “Spartan Shieldz” real tempered glass screen protectors.

Normally priced at $40, these screen protectors can be yours for only about $4 using their special 90% off promo code: Huge90off2. Keep in mind you’ll need to add at least 2 items in your cart to get the discount.

Xtreme Guard promo

Typically, we’d opt for those cheap, 99 cent plastic screen protectors because any form of protection is better than nothing. The only problem we found with plastic screen protection is that they can quickly and easily become scratched up, requiring another purchase after only a few months of use. Now, we can’t vouch for the quality as we’ve never tried this brand, but this is simply a deal we couldn’t afford to pass up.

What’s more, you can purchase Xtreme Guard’s traditional plastic screen protectors complete with back protection for next to nothing. The choice is yours but if you’ve always wanted to see what the tempered glass hype was about, now’s your chance. Link below.

[Xtreme Guard]

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  1. Doesn’t work for LG G3.

    1. Did you try purchasing 2? The deal only works for 2 or more items.

      1. Never mind I got it to work, it just didn’t take the first time for some reason :P Thanks Chris!

  2. So I went to the site and was going to order a screen protector. The Spartan REal Tempered Glass Screen Protector is currently out of stock – :/ I guess I could contact them to see when they are going to get one in and possibly apply this promo at a later date.

    1. Nexus 5? Me too :(

  3. No Moto X support, WWWHHHAAAATTTT?

  4. Awesome! Thanks for the heads up Chris. Just picked one up for my Nexus 5 and xperia z2. I hope these don’t distort the color or dull down the sensitivity on the screen. At this price point tho it’s worth a shot..

  5. Have on for my S5 and they are really nice. They dont get scratched or smudged as easily as the plastic version.Real easy to clean as well.

  6. They’ve sold out of the ones for the G2 now :(

  7. Hells yeah! Bought and paid for. Thanks for the heads up El Chavez!

  8. Thanks for the heads up, you really can’t beat this deal.

  9. Nice! In for 2 for the LG G3, even though the phone hasn’t even been released yet.

  10. nice deal. picked one up for my M7.

  11. Note 3 sold out too? Wtf.

  12. Anti shock protectors are good
    They dont get scratched up easily.
    Using one on nexus 5 since last 7 months.
    And they are inexpensive too as compared to glass.

  13. Grabbed one for my M8 and one for my M7. $9.95 after shipping. :)

  14. Even though the plastic one on my Note 3 has been on for about 6 months and doesn’t have a mark on it (and I have my fingers moving on the screen almost all day), I was going to order one. But they’re out of stock. I’ll bookmark this page and try again, but something tells me that I’m not going to get one.

  15. all i see is the plastic :/ ?

  16. I put 2 in my cart but they are still 40 a piece :/

  17. too late out of stock…sgs4

  18. Chavez, you’re the man! Scored 2 for my G3! $9.95 shipped!

  19. Sold out for the M8 and wife’s iphone 5S

  20. Out of stock Note 3 and iPhone 5s.

  21. You can usually find prices similar to these on Ebay. Even tempered glass ones are around 5$ usually

  22. Sucks there’s not any for the moto x, but I guess with free screen replacement you probably shouldn’t need one.

  23. Doesn’t adding glass to your glass screen affect the touchscreen’s sensitivity more than a flimsy piece of plastic?

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