Jun 16th, 2014


Ever since the first “tempered” glass screen protectors started hitting the market, we have to admit — we were intrigued. Unfortunately, their steep pricing always kept us admiring from afar. It’s a good thing we came across this awesome deal from Xtreme Guard and their line of “Spartan Shieldz” real tempered glass screen protectors.

Normally priced at $40, these screen protectors can be yours for only about $4 using their special 90% off promo code: Huge90off2. Keep in mind you’ll need to add at least 2 items in your cart to get the discount.

Xtreme Guard promo

Typically, we’d opt for those cheap, 99 cent plastic screen protectors because any form of protection is better than nothing. The only problem we found with plastic screen protection is that they can quickly and easily become scratched up, requiring another purchase after only a few months of use. Now, we can’t vouch for the quality as we’ve never tried this brand, but this is simply a deal we couldn’t afford to pass up.

What’s more, you can purchase Xtreme Guard’s traditional plastic screen protectors complete with back protection for next to nothing. The choice is yours but if you’ve always wanted to see what the tempered glass hype was about, now’s your chance. Link below.

[Xtreme Guard]

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