OnePlus One gets dunked into a puddle of water, how did the $300 phone hold up? [VIDEO]


OnePlus One water dunk test 1

While many of you are still anxiously awaiting your opportunity to pick up a OnePlus One, others are still a little leery about the phone. Top notch specs, sure. But as a smartphone built by a relatively unknown company, build and quality control issues are a reasonable concern. As OnePluses begin trickling out to customers, one lucky owner was willing to put his device through a stress test of sorts, simply to satisfy his curiosity (or blood lust).

YouTube content creator GadgetGuruHD decided to take his OnePlus One out in the rain, operating the device as water droplets began gathering on the display. Unsurprisingly, the phone was still fully functional, operating normally as if it were dry. That’s when the YouTuber felt daring enough to fully submerge the OnePlus One in a dirty puddle of what. The results — described as “legit crazy” — was the phone, once again, came out unscathed.

Now, we know. One of the most basic quality control tests manufacturers put their hardware through is ensuring a phone can handle some light rain or moisture. But full water submersion? In a phone with a removable back no less. Now, we’re not sure about any long term effects the OnePlus One will face after the water dunk, but it seems safe to say that in the event you drop your phone in a puddle of water (or heaven forbid, a toilet), the phone should be operational. Nice work, OnePlus.

Chris Chavez
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  1. build quality +1!

  2. Yay. That’s quite something. I’m impressed.

  3. eh, I dropped my LG Dare and HTC Mytouch 4G in liquid back in the day one was full submersion in water(the LG) and an alcoholic beverage (HTC) and both made it out unscathed it can happen with Chinese companies too.

  4. Trades shoes for invite. Buys OnePlus One.

  5. not really a top priority for me but cool…thx.

  6. Wait till all the ports start corroding and you can’t charge your phone anymore. Just because it’s okay now, doesn’t mean it won’t be ruined in the future.

    1. Well yes, but it shows the good build quality of the device. Many devices would instantly poop out as soon as they went under.

      Although I put some old feature phone of mine through the washing machine (2 cycles no less) and it works to this day.
      Let’s all drop Android and get feature phones!

  7. I do wish the video played in chrome

    1. Chrome broswer desktop? works fine
      chrome android browser? straight to YouTube app
      chrome os? no idea

      1. Chrome OS, just fine.

  8. But, will it blend?

  9. Don’t be that sure, the water will keep damaging the internal circuit since the phone won’t turn on anymore…

  10. well guess my post got deleted after pointing out what sham of a ‘test’ this was…

  11. Well, what happens few days or weeks after? lol

  12. he doesn’t realize that the display is much less likely to immediately [or soon] fail as things such as microphone, speaker, maybe microusb, etc. he needed to make a speakerphone call to show it is still working. and repeat that test in a week.

  13. still impressive. probbaly the phone wil suffer later but still very impressive. is this phone marketed as a water resistant device?

  14. He had more videos coming in the following days of it fails then you will know, if it continues to work then you folks should say sorry. All I can say is so far pretty impressive

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