Jun 13th, 2014

OnePlus One water dunk test 1

While many of you are still anxiously awaiting your opportunity to pick up a OnePlus One, others are still a little leery about the phone. Top notch specs, sure. But as a smartphone built by a relatively unknown company, build and quality control issues are a reasonable concern. As OnePluses begin trickling out to customers, one lucky owner was willing to put his device through a stress test of sorts, simply to satisfy his curiosity (or blood lust).

YouTube content creator GadgetGuruHD decided to take his OnePlus One out in the rain, operating the device as water droplets began gathering on the display. Unsurprisingly, the phone was still fully functional, operating normally as if it were dry. That’s when the YouTuber felt daring enough to fully submerge the OnePlus One in a dirty puddle of what. The results — described as “legit crazy” — was the phone, once again, came out unscathed.

Now, we know. One of the most basic quality control tests manufacturers put their hardware through is ensuring a phone can handle some light rain or moisture. But full water submersion? In a phone with a removable back no less. Now, we’re not sure about any long term effects the OnePlus One will face after the water dunk, but it seems safe to say that in the event you drop your phone in a puddle of water (or heaven forbid, a toilet), the phone should be operational. Nice work, OnePlus.

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