Jun 13th, 2014

lg g3 color range

Losing your brand new smartphone is never fun. While it’s true you can use apps like Google’s own Android Device manager to track down your phone, you’re pretty much screwed once the new “owner” factory resets the device. LG knows this, which is why they’ve partnered with MacAfee Mobile Security for the upcoming LG G3.

According to the joint press release, the MacAfee antivirus app will come pre-installed on the LG G3 and will not only protect your device from harmful malware (ie, cracked apps downloaded from the darkest parts of the internet), but features a few new security tricks as well. Aside from the Kill Switch that will essentially wipe your phone clean (Android Device Manager does the same thing), MacAfee can actually block others from factory resetting your LG G3, in the event that someone wants to make your stolen phone theirs. There’s even an option to block rooting should someone decide to go that route. All this combined with McAfee’s tracking, and you have a solid security app at no cost to you.

Smartphone security is no joke and there’s nothing quite like the feeling of losing something so costly (and with so much personal information stored on it). It’s nice to see LG and McAfee have your back.

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