Amazon launches music streaming service for Prime subscribers


prime music

Amazon is launching a music streaming service for Prime subscribers today. This service, simply called Prime Music, is trying to compete with the likes of Spotify. Current Prime subscribers get access to over a million songs for free, others can get access with a free 30-day trial. With so many streaming services available you may be wondering what Prime Music has to offer.

Amazon appears to be focused on playlists, like Beats Music is trying to do. There are already a number of curated playlists available to stream. Prime Music doesn’t have a lot of new releases available for free streaming, and songs from Universal Music are not included either. So while you do get access to over a million songs, they may not be the songs you want. Prime Music apps will be coming soon for Android, iOS, PC, and Mac, but for now you can explore the library with the link below.

EDIT: The Amazon MP3 app has been updated to “Amazon Music.” Download here.

Are you a Prime subscriber? Are you interested in this streaming service?

Amazon Prime Music

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  2. I’d be interested. I’m not looking for another monthly subscription, so since I’m already a Prime member I might take advantage the same way I do for Instant Video. From Amazon’s perspective, I can see them looking a this as a loss leader, rather than something to really make money off of. Someone already looking for a music streaming service, might decide that the free 2 day shipping is worth going to Amazon, and once they have that increase the number of purchases they make from Amazon since they already have the shipping.

    Now will there be a regular Android app or just IOS & Kindle?

  3. I don’t see an application that lets you stream the music with Prime anywhere on the site. What am I missing here?

    1. it’s actually a pain in the ass to find. Not very friendly at all, taking way too long to actually find the player.

      1. That is not the Prime Music streaming application that they claim is coming out “soon” .

        1. Then how am i streaming prime music from it right now? Voodoo?

  4. I dont see an App in playstore? Is this just a browser service??

  5. Amazon Instant Video for Android? Oh.

  6. The selection of music right now given to prime members is very small in my quick search they had Zero Metallica, Eminem, Sublime… and 1 out of 10 Rise Against and 1 out of all the 311 albums.. So perhaps there is a genre they have more of but it is looking like their licensing is very limited at this point…

  7. How is this compared to pandora? Can I pick an artist and they create a playlist? Not familiar with spotify thats why I ask.

    1. Spotify is more like google play all access. Choose song. Play song.
      It also has radio like Pandora, but I tend to prefer iHeartRadio for that type of listening.

      Spotify is free with ads, and shuffle play for your playlists n mobile. You can pay 5$ per month for no ads and the ability to stream your chosen song on mobile, and 10$ a month for offline listening on both mobile and computer.
      That could be wrong, but I think that’s what it was when I signed up for Spotify like a year ago.

  8. Is it possible for someone to post the APK Please?

  9. Spotify has 20 million tracks. Hard to compete with that. I have yet to search for an artist, album or track in Spotify and not get a result. Pretty amazing.

    1. Have you tried searching for any AC/DC songs?

    2. Then I take it you have relatively mainstream taste in music – I can routinely stump Spotify, although it’s becoming harder and harder to stump all of the streaming services unless you’re getting into self-published bands (and even some of them will show up on a streaming service from time to time…).

  10. Yessss! So glad I kept my Prime. Thank you Amazon for taking the extra dough and actually improving the Prime service. Now when can I buy the phone…

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  12. Since I already have Prime, I suppose I’ll try it, but it sounds like most others, in that it’s going to try to introduce me to other artists I may not know. I don’t want to listen to other artists, I want the one I searched for, and I can get that with Spotify. So I’ll probably stay there.

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