Google Glass update transfers photos to your smartphone and brings new Google Now cards


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After receiving XE17.3 only last week, the Project Glass team is back again releasing, not only another small update for the Google Glass Explorer Edition, but the MyGlass companion app as well. Why both? That’s because of a new feature hitting Glass that will finally introduce a feature I’ve been requesting from the headset since day 1: the ability to transfer pics directly from Glass to your smartphone.

Google Glass XE18.1

It’s safe to say we all know about Glass’ hands-free photo capturing capabilities and despite only shooting at 5MP, the built in HDR makes for some amazing looking snapshots. The problem was (up until this new update rolling out later this week) you’d have to either plug your Glass in to an outlet before all the images would sync to your Google+ account, or you’d have to upload each pic individually by sharing it with someone.

Only then could you use your smartphone to dive into Google+ and download to your device. Needless to say, this was incredibly troublesome and resulted in a ton of great photos never seeing the light of day on other social accounts like Instagram or Twitter.

Google Now Glass XE18.1

The Google Glass team also mentions a few new Google Now features will also be arriving on the headset, with the scores of your favorite World Cup teams now displaying as a card (this will need to be configured in the Google Now app on your smartphone). Also new is the inclusion of Google Now’s handy parking locator card, as well as package shipping notifications.

In a smaller tweak, the MyGlass app will also now notify you when your Glass battery drops below 20% which is typically after 2 hours of use (we kid, but seriously… it’s rough). According to the screenshots, looks like this will be XE18.1.

[Glass Journal | MyGlass on Google Play]

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    It’s so embarrassing when people ask me to text them the picture I just took with glass and I say to wait a while until it uploads to my account so I can download it.

    That being said, I wish my glass could get 2 hours of use. Lately, it’s been running out of battery after a bit more than one hour of usage.

  2. Still don’t understand why this took so long… Should have been a feature out of the box. Glad they listened though.

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