Candy Crush Soda Saga is your next addiction from the makers of Candy Crush


soda saga

They’re back. The makers of Candy Crush Saga, King Entertainment, has released their sequel to the super-addictive candy matching game. They call it “Candy Crush Soda Saga,” and it’s largely the same as the original. This time instead of hard candy and chocolate you have to match soda drinks and gummies. What will they come up with next.

This new game has soft-launched outside of the US, but it should be available here soon. It’s jam-packed with in-app purchases like you would expect from a King game, and an energy system that will annoy you to no end. If you loved the first game you will surely love this one too. If you live outside of the US you can download Candy Crush Soda Saga below for free from the Play Store. Just try not to send us too many requests on Facebook.

[via PocketGamer]

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  1. I can’t install it in my Moto X. It says incompatiable.

    1. Read the article amigo ;)

    2. Thats what you get for owning a Moto X.

  2. It has to be available in your country before you can download it. Its not out for US yet. smh

  3. Still milking it

  4. not compatible with nexus 5 either

  5. As it says in that block of text up there, this app is not available in the US yet.

  6. won’t play it for this reason alone. I played candy crush to its final level only to be greatted with come back later more levels may be added. I freaking beat the game and gives me that crap no thanks………I want dam fireworks going off or something lol.

    1. Hah. Same non-ending to the Tiny Deathstar game too.

  7. Use an web based apk downloaded and the market link…you can download install and play the game. Won’t connect to Facebook but level 1 played fine for me. Stock nexus 5 in the u.s.

    1. Can you upload it to your Dropbox and share? :)

  8. crushed candy running out of ideas

  9. Is there a backup to candy crush apps? Every time I format my phone I lose progress. I even tried My backup pro and it did not pull in my progress after reinstalling.

    1. Try Titanium Backup! it works for me…

      1. Do you have to be rooted for titanium?

        1. Yes.

    2. If you connect to Facebook in the game, your can restore your progress. Would need to FB login before and after factory reset

      1. I don’t have Fb

        1. Solution:Get Facebook !

        2. If you don’t want a FB account, create one only for syncing of game data, empty account only for storing syncs. There’s quite a few games that FB sync allows for save data throughout different devices (tablet, PC) as well as when you upgrade phones.

          1. Good idea. I did this just for syncing. Hopefully my life will be a lot easier now :) I didn’t realize games synced with FB login. I assume it was just an easier way to create a login.

          2. It’s unfortunate that a bunch of companies rely on third parties for login purposes in order to store app info, especially when it’s a social network.
            And remember while signed in to FB when you reach the gates to go into the next area, you may have to log out of FB sync, complete the 3 challenges, pass the gate, then sign in to sync. The reason is when connected to FB it defaults to getting friends to unlock it for you as a social aspect or pay to open it as a monetary aspect. Just wanted to give you heads up so it didn’t ruin your game. Happy Candy Crushing.

          3. Wtf

  10. Aw crap. I have to ignore this for as long as possible

  11. Screw them. Why are you promoting a company that blatantly stole their primary game and then tried to throw a bunch of lawyers at the guy they stole from?

  12. I can’t install this on a Nexus 5? what gives.

    1. If only there was an article on this very page that explained why.

      1. You got me, I just clicked install ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  13. The candy crack starts again, I can see my FB being spammed with more requests from friends.

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