HTC Gallery update adds new features for One M8 and Sense 6 devices


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HTC has begun pushing out an update to the One M8 for the Gallery. This update allows users to adjust UFocus intensity, which is sure to make M8 owners very happy. UFocus is notoriously strong with the bokeh effect, but now you can adjust it to your liking with a new slider bar. One M8 users are not the only ones to get new Gallery features.

All Sense 6 devices can now use Dimension Plus and Pan 360. With Dimension Plus you can add minor 3D effects to your photos, and Pan 360 is HTC’s version of Photosphere. You can also expect bug fixes and performance improvements in this update. If you have a HTC One M8 or Sense 6 device you can get the update for HTC Gallery in the Play Store at the link below.

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  1. And thus another reason why I won’t be rooting my M8… HTC taking care of business

    1. this is a play store download…don’t think it will matter if you root or not. I rooted mine day one and running custom rom. Always up to date…actually better with HTC enhancements and custom enhancements ;) One of the major reasons I chose the M8 over GS5 was custom rom’s/etc…no locked bootloader. I’m on Viper One rom…updated my gallery just fine.

      1. I understand that. My point is that HTC will keep these core apps updated and supported. I know both rooted and non-rooted devices will get these updates no matter what. My overall point is that I don’t needed root and flash a custom ROM to get a great experience anymore with what they did with Sense 6

        1. Yup sense 6 is THAT good

        2. You don’t need to flash ROMs anymore for additional functionality. I’m still on stock ROM, rooted with Xposed Framework and a few modules installed for it. Modules like Sense 6 toolbox, Gravitybox, YouTube ad blocker, immerse me (for forcing nav bar hiding on specific apps), and several others add a plethora of additional functionality while allowing you to pretty much have the stock ROM with custom ROM features, and still be completely stable on the stock ROM. It’s purdy awesome!

          1. Nothing is completely stable. To be honest, I’ve noticed fewer crashes on vanir compared to stock sense 6.

      2. Which custome rom did you use?

  2. Pan360 isn’t available in Sense6 for M7. Will that be supported someday on M7?

  3. Pan360 isn’t available in Sense6 for M7. Will that be supported someday on M7?

  4. I really wish HTC would make the Gallery app compatible with the GPe edition the way the Sense TV app is. Sense 6 is great, but I prefer stock feel. Gallery is keeping me on ARHD/Viper though.

    1. I wish Gallery was available to be installed on any other android phone.. I’ll miss it when I get the G3 – I like the automatic videos it makes – On the Device vs uploading to the cloud

      1. Those video highlights is a big reason why I kept with HTC.

        1. Absolutely man… they make other Galleries look so stale.

  5. What I want HTC to do is give us an update that gives us a native file manager so that you don’t need a flippin computer to use your flippin SD card. That is all, HTC.

    1. Uh.. Or just download astro or your favorite file manager… Personally I use root browser for the root functions.

      1. I don’t want to risk rooting my phone myself, meaning the only way to move downloaded files from the phone storage to the sd card is with a computer. There is a roundabout way in the settings but last time I moved an episode of a show it took over two hours to do it. So basically the only solution is for HTC to have a native file explorer like Samsung does (that one will move files very easily even on KitKat).

        1. Ohh, you are talking about your external sd. That makes more sense (no pun intended).
          Rooting really isn’t that much risk as long as you read lots of XDA :)
          Plus there are so many benefits beyond file management

        2. Root explorer can see the micro sd card without root, you just can’t transfer files between the phone and micro sd card without root.

        3. You don’t have to use Root Browser?

  6. Even though the updates are awesome , iOS 8 in iPhone 6 would provide much more features:

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