Motorola is letting you test drive a custom Moto X before you buy [UPDATE]


Motorola Moto X try before you buy deal

After recently dropping the price of a Moto X as part of a 2-day sale, Motorola is back with another enticing promotion. Starting Monday, June 9th, you can custom build your own specialty Motorola Moto X via Motomaker and only pay 1 single cent.

More of an Amazon-like try-before-you-buy promotion, you have 2 weeks to test drive the Moto X before deciding if it’s the right phone for you. Motorola says the deal will only be good “while supplies last,” meaning you may want to mark it down on your calendar if the Moto X sounds like a phone you’ve been thinking about picking up for sometime. Here are the terms:

What are the Terms of Service for the Try Then Buy program?

Motorola will charge your credit card after 14 days if you have not created a return request via our online form.

If the phone is returned damaged (e.g. cracked screen), Motorola will charge the credit card on file for the repairs.  If the phone is non-functional due to user damages, Motorola will charge the full retail price.

All items delivered to you in the box containing the phone will need to be returned, including the handset itself, wall charger, cable, the SIM removal tool, the SIM card, and documentation.

If the phone is not returned and the credit card on file cannot settle, Motorola will notify you and provide you with an additional period of time to provide a valid new credit card number.  If you fail to provide a valid credit card number in the stated time frame, Motorola has the right to remotely disable the phone and/or to pass your account to a collections agency.

All Try Then Buy orders must be shipped to the same address for which the billing address is associated.  If the bill to / ship to are not the same, the order will be canceled.

Motorola reserves the right to place a full authorization on your credit card or to cancel your order after your order is submitted if fraudulent activity is suspected. Motorola will attempt to reverse the authorization on your credit card after a successful authorization. Authorization reversal may take up to 5 business days.

Full promotion details can be found via Motorola’s FAQ linked below. Anyone thinking about test driving the contract-free Moto X for a few weeks?


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  1. no

  2. this would have been an amazing (maybe even revolutionary?) marketing strategy for them to get the moto x into as many hands as they could when the phone first released. now it just feels like that they’re trying to get rid of inventory.

  3. I’ve always been very interested in the Moto X. Very jealous of the always listening, active notifications, moto maker, etc. But it’s almost like they didn’t want people like me to buy it. Skimped severely in certain areas like camera, battery, screen res and size. Then it was overpriced, Moto maker wasn’t available for T-Mobile versions for a very long time and even then, you have to pay full price up front.

    Today they’d practically have to give me one for me to take it. It’s just too late. It’s a little disheartening because I doubt I’ll get to customize a phone to that level again.

    1. Project ara…?

    2. Motorola does have their own finance program similar to how T-Mobile does device financing, so I don’t see why pricing is an issue for you. The other concerns are legitimate.

      1. Apparently MOTO don’t like my credit.

        1. They liked mine and I had none in December.. Got 350 bought a g, paid it off they upped me too 650 got the X so two phones and a respectable credit score because of Moto

          1. I’ve never used credit. But I have an er bill from a couple years ago and it’s making everybody deny me.

  4. Gotta get rid of that excess stock before the X+1 launches.

  5. Uhhhhhh no… I never even considered one when it was brand new already old tech.

    1. I keep saying this and no one believes me, lol.

      The X+1 is essentially the same way. It’s the Nexus 5 more than half a year later, with a higher price tag.

      1. Virtually nothing is known about the X+1 outside of speculation, including price, so I’m unsure how you’ve already come to these conclusions.

        1. I thought we already knew it will have a Snapdragon 800 and 1080p screen.

          Let’s face it, it probably will if they follow in the moto x’s footsteps. It had what the N4 had (like I said last time) more than half a year later.

        2. I’m unsure of how the Moto X is not a grandparent/parent phone (40+ person smartphone) considering it’s overall capabilities.

    2. And it still performs faster than a GS5. The software and x8 chip design were not old tech.

  6. Hodor

    1. Yes, you giant. It’s a Motorola phone.

  7. Uh, they really aren’t letting you test drive anything. They are just test driving your credit card info by charging you 1 cent so that they can charge you the full amount when it doesn’t get back to them in time.

    1. dracarys

      1. (The phone and the person holding it is engulfed in flames and screaming ensues).

  8. And yet they still make stupid decisions like releasing only a 16GB version for Australia 10 months after launch elsewhere. Shows what Motorola thinks of us here.

  9. Motorola is playing the odds. A lot of people will buy the phone and play with it for 2 weeks, but get lazy and not go through the return process.

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