Jun 6th, 2014 publishUpdated   Feb 23rd, 2015, 12:27 pm

Motorola Moto X try before you buy deal

After recently dropping the price of a Moto X as part of a 2-day sale, Motorola is back with another enticing promotion. Starting Monday, June 9th, you can custom build your own specialty Motorola Moto X via Motomaker and only pay 1 single cent.

More of an Amazon-like try-before-you-buy promotion, you have 2 weeks to test drive the Moto X before deciding if it’s the right phone for you. Motorola says the deal will only be good “while supplies last,” meaning you may want to mark it down on your calendar if the Moto X sounds like a phone you’ve been thinking about picking up for sometime. Here are the terms:

What are the Terms of Service for the Try Then Buy program?

Motorola will charge your credit card after 14 days if you have not created a return request via our online form.

If the phone is returned damaged (e.g. cracked screen), Motorola will charge the credit card on file for the repairs.  If the phone is non-functional due to user damages, Motorola will charge the full retail price.

All items delivered to you in the box containing the phone will need to be returned, including the handset itself, wall charger, cable, the SIM removal tool, the SIM card, and documentation.

If the phone is not returned and the credit card on file cannot settle, Motorola will notify you and provide you with an additional period of time to provide a valid new credit card number.  If you fail to provide a valid credit card number in the stated time frame, Motorola has the right to remotely disable the phone and/or to pass your account to a collections agency.

All Try Then Buy orders must be shipped to the same address for which the billing address is associated.  If the bill to / ship to are not the same, the order will be canceled.

Motorola reserves the right to place a full authorization on your credit card or to cancel your order after your order is submitted if fraudulent activity is suspected. Motorola will attempt to reverse the authorization on your credit card after a successful authorization. Authorization reversal may take up to 5 business days.

Full promotion details can be found via Motorola’s FAQ linked below. Anyone thinking about test driving the contract-free Moto X for a few weeks?


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