SanDisk 128GB microSD card now only $100 [DEALS]


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This year we watched as more and more Android manufacturers began offering memory card slots in their latest flagships devices. A trend sparked by the feedback of Android’s most vocal smartphone fans, now might be a good time to invest in some hefty storage to slip inside your shiny new Android.

If you hurry on over to Amazon, you can find an insanely large 128GB Class 10 UHS microSD card with a 30MB read speed, marked down to a newly discounted $100. This should give you more than enough elbow room to store your entire library of… cat videos, along with games and whatever else you drum up.

Keep in mind older Android devices likely wont take full advantage of all the storage, but if you have something more recent (Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8) you should be fine. The SD card is Prime eligible which means you can have a 128 gigs on your doorstep by Saturday. The card is also a Best Buy deal of the day, so you can always go that route, should you choose. Link to both listings provided below.

[SanDisk 128GB microSD card: Amazon | Best Buy]

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  1. Why buy it kit kat broke the SD card

    1. I don’t think KitKat “broke” SD cards, just made things a tad bit difficult. Also, did you miss the part about cat videos?

      1. Why don’t you think KitKat broke them? Most people aren’t rooted. And almost everyone on a Galaxy S5 on Verizon or AT&T isn’t rooted.

        For the majority of the world, SD cards are pretty much useless unless you enjoy hooking your phone up to a computer or want to a giant Google Play Music streaming cache.

        1. Well I wish they would fix it. I have so much music on my computer that I need to transfer over. Australia’s internet is definitely not up to scratch. I can’t possibly stream all of that music all the time. I only get 1gb of usage. That’d be gone in less then a day if I streamed even less then half the music I have.

        2. KitKat just made it so apps can only write to their own folders — not other places on the SD card. They can still read from anything on the SD card, it’s just writing that’s been confined. I think for the majority of users in the world, they wont even notice the difference but it makes things difficult for power users who like to use files explorers and whatnot to move stuff around. Not saying I like it, just that it’s not such a huge deal.

          1. So you can’t edit a document you downloaded in place and you can’t copy a file from your nas to a folder on your phone, like music or a movie or work documents. That’s pretty broken to me, and no I don’t want to start up a desktop and hook up my phone when I have dual band wifi just so I could avoid doing that.

          2. Ps there are a lot of 10’s of thousands maybe more that hate this. I want to return my S5 this is such a mess up

          3. Gotta disagree. I always use Dolphin because it let’s me do something as simple as choose what directory to download a file to instead of lumping everything into a single download directory. KitKat broke it. I can’t access the SD card at all from Dolphin, anymore.

        3. Wow, that is an incredibly ignorant statement to say that SD cards are useless. Plenty of people use their SD cards to store photos, videos, and music locally. I’ve filled up my 64GB card and am seriously considering this. It’s astonishing that 8 of the top 10 best selling contract phones on Amazon all have micro SD card slots, and that this 128GB card is #5 in the top selling memory cards, and the #2 and #3 best selling cell phone accessories on all of Amazon are memory cards. Because “SD cards are pretty much useless”.

      2. Pss what kind of open OS is this that didn’t make that a choice? Feel like Google is turning into Apple.

    2. Easily fixable using FolderMount’s faulty module repair.

      1. Which requires root, correct?

        1. Yes you have to void your warranty to use your sd card.

  2. Anyone using one of these on a Galaxy Note 3?

    1. Yup. Have one in my Note 3 and Note 8. I had Best Buy price match Amazon’s former price at $119.99. So, I could’ve saved $20 each, had I waited…still, for my needs, the 128gb has helped tremendously, as both the 64’s I had were close to capacity.

      1. Good to know. Thanks for replying.

        1. No problem. I should have mentioned that they both transferred my files over flawlessly and I tested both up to capacity and all files were usable. I should also mention that 119gb is the available amount

  3. I would love to get one but I use SanDisk 64gb Extreme Plus to keep up my Z2 4k recording speed

  4. Is anyone aware of any technical issues with these 128GB cards?

  5. Am I the only one on here that has experienced the Sandisk/Samsung Galaxy issues?

    lost half of my pictures from over a year while trying to transfer them to my pc :( I have had a lot of different SD cards, from different manufacturers…. Sandisk is the only one I have ever had a problem with.

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