Is this how we’ll game on the LG G Watch and Moto 360? [VIDEO]


Android games Puk on smartwatch

A post on Reddit is gaining some steam after an app developer inadvertently managed to get his game running on a tiny smartwatch. The game in question is called Puk and although technically not built for the smartwatch, seems to running perfectly fine on the Omate Smartwatch.

The developer attributes smartwatch compatibility to the framework of the “coronaSDK” which plays nice with a variety of display sizes — even itty-bitty ones found on smartwatches. And while we know Android Wear’s primary function is simply to relay notifications from the smartphone to the wrist, we can’t help but wonder if games will eventually find themselves ported to the LG G Watch or Motorola Moto 360.

Now, we know all games wont make the transition so well, but for casual games like Puk, they seem right at home on the small, really small screen.

[Vine | via Reddit]

Chris Chavez
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  1. I’m sure there’s a niche group of weirdos who will be gaming on their watch whilst their flagship phone sits nearby loaded with games like Modern Combat 4 and asking, “Dude, what the hell man?!” Hehe…

    1. And complaining about battery life………….

    2. Not gonna lie, I have a Flappy Bird port on my Pebble. xD

      1. I can see it now,being hauled away by the white coats,while cursing at your watch for no apparent reason………… ;D

      2. Ah you’re sick, you’re sick! Haha!

      3. Here you go Chris here’s Zelda on your wrist :)

  2. Developers are awesomesauce. Even tho I don’t game on my phone much anymore I could see myself trying this out for the hell of it.

  3. theres already quit a few for the gear and gear 2…..

  4. And that`s why people complaining about poor battery life! Playing games and wants the screen to stay one for ever. I have the Gear 2 and the battery goes for 2 1/2 day on a regular use.

  5. why would anyone game on a freakin watch? you guys know of course as soon as they perfect augmented reality contact lenses these watches will be history?

  6. what a set of sad, disapointing, downtrodden, depressing, uneducated, stupid comments, not one person has a happy comment of ‘well done him’,

    1. Well done you

  7. Oh god it’s like the 90s tiger wrist watch games. I lived through that s*** and all I can ask is… Why??

    1. And yes I’m aware graphics and functionality have come light years since then but dude seriously… You’re playing a game on your tiny wrist screen when a good chunk of you want giant phone screens.

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  9. can i play flappy bird on it? haahahaha

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