May 22nd, 2014

Android games Puk on smartwatch

A post on Reddit is gaining some steam after an app developer inadvertently managed to get his game running on a tiny smartwatch. The game in question is called Puk and although technically not built for the smartwatch, seems to running perfectly fine on the Omate Smartwatch.

The developer attributes smartwatch compatibility to the framework of the “coronaSDK” which plays nice with a variety of display sizes — even itty-bitty ones found on smartwatches. And while we know Android Wear’s primary function is simply to relay notifications from the smartphone to the wrist, we can’t help but wonder if games will eventually find themselves ported to the LG G Watch or Motorola Moto 360.

Now, we know all games wont make the transition so well, but for casual games like Puk, they seem right at home on the small, really small screen.

[Vine | via Reddit]

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