Another good app bites the dust: Springpad is shutting its doors [RUMOR]


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Man, it’s hard out there for app developers. You can provide a great service, make a beautiful and functional app to go along with it, but if you fail to monetize it, you’ll be forced to shut the entire thing down. That’s what’s happening to the note taking app Springpad.

They’ve been around almost since this Android thing began — 6 years and running — but after raising $7 million, they’ll be officially throwing in the towel and like Catch before it, claiming defeat against the juggernaut that is Evernote.

Nothing on exactly when Springpad plans on shutting everything down. Word of the closure was provided by a source close to The Verge, which mentions we could see a new product from the folks at Springpad. We’ll let you know should we hear something a little more official.

Chris Chavez
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  1. what… i actually used the app heavily…

  2. This is my biggest fear with regard to apps tied to proprietary cloud-based services – sooner or later they’ll disappear. I think this is one of the major reasons that newcomers to such things find it hard to gain any traction – the FUD factor. For the sake of those using it, I hope there’s an export option.

  3. ┻━┻︵╰(゜Д゜)╯︵ ┻━┻

    I actually use this app!! I have IP addresses in my work notebook!!
    My car wiring information and other stuff for my car and other cars I’ve worked on.
    WiFi passwords for my and other people routers!!

    FUDGE!! Evernote better be some good sh*t since I have to move to them.

    I’m expecting a similar setup to Springpad. I better be able to have notebooks, sync to my phone and desktop simply and most importantly, link my Google Account since I log into everything with my Google account.

    Oh my gosh!! Springpad… =.[
    Bah!! I have to back up ALL those notes. FU**!!

  4. Weak. I have tons of info in SP.

  5. Nice sharing….

  6. Damn. I use Springpad, Evernote and Keep for completely different reasons. Kinda pissed that the most organized out of the 3 is going. Thanks for your work devs

  7. I tried to use it a few times but it wasn’t never good enough to stick with for me.

  8. How do “.. if you fail to monetize it, you’ll be forced to shut the entire thing down”and “…after raising $7 million…” reconcile? Seems to me like they monetized it just fine…

    Wasn’t it the Steve Miller Band who said “take the money and run?”

  9. aaaah, i hope this stays a rumor, i use this app a lot :C i used to use Catch too, aaishhh

  10. :( One of my favourite apps. Evernote sucks in comparison to springpad and catch. Damn it.

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