HTC One Remix leaked for Verizon with blue plastic filling


HTC One Remix Verizon Evleaks

@evleaks continued his leak blitz with another new device pictured on his social accounts. We heard talk of an alleged “HTC One Remix” coming around the bed, and now we may have gotten our first glimpse at the device. A “remixed” version of the HTC One Mini, we can see the familiar plastic filling but this time — it’s bright blue.

Really, that’s all we have to go on since the phone wasn’t picture in its entirety, and seems to be covered by a case. According to Mr. Leaks, the phone will be headed to Verizon Wireless. We’ll keep an eye out.


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  1. Hold up!! Didn’t HTC say they weren’t going to come out with a lot of variants like they did before?

    1. As long as they don’t come out with a more powerful version I’m good , if they come out with cheaper versions kool, but as long as it’s not more powerful

      1. HTC One “Prime”?

        1. Man the form factor of that thing is 5.5 inch, that’s phablet… I’m cool. not to mention of the prime does get released and its what is going to replace the max line up then even better, because everybody know the max was a mediocre flagship phablet….. Don’t worry bruh, let HTC actually released these things first

    2. Yes, in a way. Instead of HTC One, Two, Three and Four… they will play off of the HTC One in everyway possible.

    3. If it’s just a carrier-specific recolor, I’m not sure that counts as a “variant”.

      1. The article is saying it’s an HTC One Mini, but different.

        1. Right, but if the differences are all just cosmetic…

  2. If you look at the right side, at the edge of the screen and the case, you can see that same blue color. Makes me think the whole back side is this color, just like an iPhone 5c.
    Also, the headphone jack has been moved.

  3. I hate exclusive phones. Especially Verizon exclusive phones.

    1. Yeah, they kept Moto away from other carriers for years. Their Droid line ups had good batteries but no cameras, but more people prefer to have mediocre camera and an amazing battery than no battery and a good camera.

    2. Just makes updates slower. It’s completely pointless.

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