May 15th, 2014

We get it — everyone “hates” Flappy Bird. As annoying (and addicting) as that little game was, it didn’t stop it from becoming a pop icon in a short amount of time. The only person more sick of hearing about Flappy Bird is probably its creator, Dong Nguyen.

New DotGears game thats not Flappy Bird

Nguyen took to his Twitter this afternoon to show off a new game he and his team are working on to serve one: get everyone to STFU about Flappy Bird. We can’t help but wonder if this new game — which looks more like a simplified platformer — will see the same level of success as its feathered sibling (we can’t say its name, remember?), or if it will drift off into obscurity like some of DotGears’ other titles.

We will say we’re exciting to give it a spin and will let you know when more info is available. In the meantime, just forget about that game which shall not be named and play something else. Like Dragon Coins.