Possible HTC J Butterfly 2 shows its face in freshly leaked image


HTC J Butterfly 2

Last year the HTC J Butterfly was an HTC One minus all the aluminum and for its successor, it looks like we could be seeing the same. Leaked online by @evleaks, the HTC J Butterfly 2 is making a brief appearance, showing off its all-glass face for the camera.

Bezel-hounds will no doubt have a field day with this phone, which you’ll notice doesn’t feature the HTC One M8’s aluminum accents to help fool the eye. Also, until we get a shot of the back, still up in the air is whether the phone will feature a nice high-resolution MP shooter, or HTC’s Duo Camera system a la the One M8.

Either way, don’t get too worked up over this press leaked shot, there’s very little chance we’ll see this anywhere outside its homeland of Japan.


Chris Chavez
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    1. I’d agree with you if this has capacitive buttons (which it probably doesn’t). It’s just as bezelicious as the One M8 :/

      1. Yeah I get you, that’s the down side, but for me it’s cool because I’m not the biggest fan of the One’s design

        1. What don’t you like about it?

          1. The One looks like a pack of cigarettes with that solid black line coming across the back. Really terrible design.

            This looks a lot better, and the bezel is even more forgivable since the logo portion isn’t offset so obviously on it’s own little black bar island.

          2. I agree with you about the logo portion, but a pack of cigarettes? To each his own I guess. :P

          3. yeah, i’m sure HTC could have done better. I was a little disappointed after having a Sensation and HTC One S, but at least it feels too fckn good in the hands :)

  2. Love their design as usual

    1. I agree the design is nice

      1. Not to troll the article but the S5 looks to have more Bezel then the s4

        1. A buddy of mine thinks this was an intentional move by Samsung so they could shrink the bezels again next year and list it as a new feature.

  3. Dat top and bottom bezel though.

    1. Hate to say it, but It looks like a big iPhone. (Whether or not that’s a bad thing is up to you).

      1. I didn’t really think about that before, but you’re right. The rounded corner rectangley shape is really close to the iphone rounded corner rectangle shape.

  4. bezel.

  5. Drop a trackpad/ball in the bottom bezel and BOOM Droid Incredible … welcome to 2010 !!

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