Sprint begins rolling out Sense 6 update for the HTC One Max



Good news arriving for HTC One Max owners on Sprint. The HTC phablet is now receiving it’s update to Sense 6 — HTC’s latest version of their custom UX. Custom ROM developer and frequent leaker (wait- that didn’t sound right) LlabTooFeR confirmed the update on his Twitter account this afternoon after tweeting the changelog as it appeared on the One Max.

Weighing in at 537.07MB, software build 3.02.651.5 is a hefty update, one that will introduce all the new Sense 6 features found in the recently launched HTC One M8, only sans the new Motion Gestures options. That Extreme Power Saving Mode should come in handy, however. So check your device for the update right now, and if you’re in Europe, expect Sense 6 to arrive on your HTC One Maxes in the very near future.

To follow HTC’s Sense 6 progress for the One Max on Verizon — as well as the HTC One and HTC One Mini — check out their official update page here.

[via Twitter]

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  1. The Max is an underrated device… combined with the fantastic battery life, super sized screen and now Sense 6, I’d still buy one today

    1. I love mine, this update also came with wifi calling.
      I just now noticed it in the settings.

      1. Yes got my update as well…. Needs are screen real estate and battery life…. And like LCD over Amoled because of screen burn

  2. My friend got the old generation HTC One. Shoulda waited.

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    1. Your Aunty Sienna is a whore, she crashed her car and got arrested for no insurance.

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