Google Play Services 4.4 rolling out now – introduces Street View API, running/walking detectors, and more


Google Maps Street View Nexus 7

It’s “Google App Wednesday” and as so often the story goes, today is the day we see Google update a handful of their apps in the Google Play Store. We already told you guys about the latest Google Camera update (there’s also Google Wallet update that adds the ability to use multiple Google accounts), but it’s the Google Play Services update that is also catching our eye.

Announced via the Android Developers Blog, Google Play Services 4.4 introduces a handful of new APIs developers can begin taking advantage of to better their apps, everything from the new Google Maps API with embeddable Street View, to a new Location API that is able to detect when a user is running or walking. Games Gifts, which was added last time around has also been improved, allowing for user to send multiple gifts in a single go. Also making it easier to purchase in-app items, a new Mobile Ads API allows user to make purchases directly from in-app promo ads (no need to forward them to a different screen for purchase).

With Google I/O just around the corner, we don’t imagine we’ll see another update until then. In the meantime, developers can hit the source link below to learn more or join in on the conversation by visiting the post on Google+. Cheers.

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